Bob Sapp Says He's Been Working on His Ground Skills, but I Don't Believe Him

Jeremy BotterMMA Senior WriterMarch 9, 2012

Bob Sapp
Bob SappDaniel Berehulak/Getty Images

I remember way back in the day when Bob Sapp was a terrifying mountain of a man.

This was back in the PRIDE days, back before Bob realized he could find plenty of clueless promoters around the world who were willing to give him sacks filled with money in exchange for going into the ring or cage and embarrassing himself, and the sport of mixed martial arts, on a weekly basis.

I keep hoping that Bob's gravy train will eventually end, but it's showing no sign of slowing down any time soon despite going 1-8 in his last nine fights.

Bob's got a thing he does—and it's a thing that works very well—where he goes in the cage, gets punched in the face one time and turtles up like a baby until the referee puts an end to the sham. Bob collects his check and goes home. 

It's a good gig.

Bob's going to lose another fight this weekend, this time for the Super Fight League in India. And he says he's been training his ground game and—this is the best part of the joke—that he's going to win the fight. From

I've been working on my ground skills. Putting in there upwards of 3 to 6 hours a day dedicated to training. And of course part of it is groundwork, and being that I am a striker, ground work for me is more for positioning and striking on the ground.

Definitely I am gonna go after him. And as you know when you get two guys in there that are as big as us, the fight will never last long. So expect to have my hand raised at the end.

The idea of Bob putting in three to six hours a day training his ground game is laughable at best, because there's no way Bob is spending three to six hours a day doing anything remotely related to training.

He's a farce, and a joke.

But so are the promoters who continue to put him on cards around the world, in hopes of getting a little bit of love from the hardcore fans who used to love watching Sapp put beatings on people half his size in Japan. 

The thing is, we gave up a long time ago.

And it's long past time for Bob, and the promoters who book him, to do the same thing.