Who's the Real Timmy? Two MLB Players Impersonate the One and Only Tim Kurkjian

Alec SnyderContributor IIIMarch 9, 2012

Photo courtesy of video provided by ESPN Media Zone
Photo courtesy of video provided by ESPN Media Zone

Over the last week-and-a-half or so, ESPN's Tim Kurkjian has seen two Major League Baseball players imitate him in various interview situations on the network's Baseball Tonight show.

As Kurkjian, former Philadelphia Phillie John Kruk and former Boston Red Sox manager Terry "Tito" Francona tour MLB's Grapefruit League's spring training camps, they've gotten a taste of just how funny some of these players can be.

It all started back on the first of March when Tito was interviewing a player whom we later learned was Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia at Blue Jays camp. Francona asked him a couple of questions concerning Jose Bautista's status and Arencibia responded to each question with a voice that slightly resembled that of Kurkjian.

The answers were absolutely hysterical—Arencibia mentioned how he's heard from "two National League scouts" who believe that Bautista's "leg kick is going to be able to stay through the entire season" and that "he's got big ears that help him stay back on those balls from all the American League East!"

Granted, Arencibia sounds much more like a "12-year-old" as Kurkjian believes, but the answers given to Tito's questions were spot-on. Kurkjian's typical "I talked to an American League scout" line was perfect, and aside from the whine in his voice, Arencibia couldn't have done better.

Just after Arencibia gave his Kurkjian impression, as he and Kruk made their way to the Tampa Bay Rays' camp, backup infielder Elliot Johnson gave his impersonation of Kurkjian and man, did he nail it.

With Kurkjian already professing that these impersonations have "ruined his career" and made him out to be a "cartoon character," Johnson had nothing to lose and gave it his best shot. He discussed the fact that the Rays have "not only five guys on the starting rotation, they got six, they got seven, but even eight! I haven't seen anything like this since the Live Ball Era!"

That in itself was fantastic, along with the physical gestures that accompanied Johnson's mockery, but the "obscure stat" brought on by Kruk put the icing on the cake.

Johnson also brought up how David Price, who pitched "as many innings as he did," was just the fourth pitcher in MLB history to pitch that many innings without throwing a complete game in comparison to James Shields, who threw "eleven, eleven complete games! That's unheard of in this day and age!"

Hopefully I didn't spoil too much of the fun. It's absolutely great hearing them both do their impressions of Kurkjian. I tend to prefer Johnson's version, but given the fact that Bautista's "leg kick" and "big ears" came up in Arencibia's interview with Tito, it's not difficult to argue for the other.

Unfortunately, the videos can't fit into the article itself so the links for each clip are provided again below. The first is Arencibia, and the second is Johnson. Enjoy!



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