25 Funniest Coaches of Film and Television

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25 Funniest Coaches of Film and Television

Great films and television shows about sports are filled with unforgettable, inspirational coaches who can make history and change the world with a single speech. The Norman Dales and Herman Boones of the world have changed the course of countless lives for the better. 

Unfortunately, for every Norman Dale there are 10 disgruntled coaches or gym teachers who really just don't give a crap. You know, guys that are there for one of three reasons: simply for the paycheck and nothing more, to get ahead in their own lives or just because they are old and have nowhere else to go and nothing else to do. 

Sometimes these people are useful and find some modicum of success, while other times they simply trudge along being unpleasant until someone mercifully puts them out of their misery. Either way, the result is usually pretty funny. 

Here are 25 of the funniest coaches ever in film and television.

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