Wojciech Szczesny Expresses Controversial Views About Chelsea and Spurs

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Wojciech Szczesny, the Arsenal goalkeeper is in the news, expressing views that may not go down well with a huge chunk of fandom, especially those at Stamford Bridge and White Hart Lane.

On the Andre Villas-Boas sack, Wojciech Szczesny has ready words on the situation: There's a cliche of English lads at the Bridge who call the shots. It is the reason coaches don't last at Chelsea.

He thinks there's a confusion of authority and role. The Chelsea players don't know who the boss is at the Bridge. This means, of course, that this band of lads think they are the bosses, not any manager, uppity or seasoned.

Not so at Arsenal, says Szczesny, where the lines are clearly drawn, so that no one mistakes who the real boss is, or who the captain of the players is.

The result, Szczesny implies, is a cohesive squad that admits no unnecessary squabbles and blatant insubordination.

Here's Szczesny in his own words:

I think some of the English lads at Chelsea run the club, pretty much. You know, they've had 10 different managers in the last few years.

So it's completely different at this club, and we knew that sooner or later we were going to get a result. I'm sure Chelsea will pick themselves up sooner or later, but hopefully not soon enough to get in front of Arsenal.

How are things at Arsenal, considering that the season has unfolded in a less-than-desirable way? 

We have a fantastic manager who knows how to run the club. All the players believe in what he's doing, as well.

Sometimes things don't go our way, but we believe in the way the manager runs the club, the way we want to play football, and doing that, we know that even if things are wrong, we're going to turn it around and win games.

How are relationships like in the squad?

We're all even at this club. We have the boss, and we know who is the boss in the dressing room, and that's Arsene Wenger obviously, and the skipper Robin van Persie who is the leader in the team.

But we're all even in the dressing room, and so I can't really say anything about it (player power), I've never experienced it.


It is not all criticism for Chelsea, though. 

Szczesny wants Chelsea to pick themselves up and finish fourth behind Arsenal, of course, who should finish in third place behind the two Manchester clubs. The rationale behind this? 

He wants Tottenham Hotspur kicked out of top four.

Here are his exact words:

I would not settle right now for fourth place. We are four points behind the other north London club (I am not going to say their name) and hopefully, we can challenge them.

Hopefully, Chelsea can challenge them for fourth place and I would be really pleased to see them in the Europa League next season.

That would be fantastic. Hopefully, they will be looking at this result and are looking over their shoulders.

The momentum is with us. We won two fantastic games against Liverpool and Tottenham and we won a great game against Milan.


It is safe to say that Szczesny will not inspire love in some corners this weekend.


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