Wrestling News: Help Become a Part of the Story Being Told of Nigel McGuinness

Richard OchsContributor IIIMarch 8, 2012

Many wrestlers have always had dreams of growing up and making it big by wrestling for the WWE or some other major world promoter. 

However, not every dream can be fulfilled and it's unfortunate to see really talented wrestlers give up on their dreams after many years of sacrifice with—in their eyes—no results.

Unfortunately, the wrestling world lost one hell of a talent in December, 2011, in the shape of former ROH world champion and former TNA superstar Nigel McGuinness.

That's when McGuinness—also known as Desmond Wolfe—wrestled his final match on his retirement tour. 

Nigel, who turned 34 in January, felt that after wrestling for 12 years with no breaks that he never really accomplished anything in the wrestling business.

He started to see that his window for making it big time was closing.

However, on his retirement tour, Nigel took over 60 hours of footage by himself, or with the help of a friend, to commemorate his career in professional wrestling.

The footage features guys like Evan Bourne, Colt Cabana, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, British legend Robbie Brookside, and many more. 

Nigel is trying to use it to make a documentary about his career and journey in professional wrestling and is hoping to use KickStarter to fund it. 

He needs to raise $32,000 by April 9 for the product to be funded and as of today (March 8), he's got a little over $15,000. 

What he needs is for those fans who supported his wrestling career to pledge to help have this documentary funded.

He is offering different rewards for certain amount of pledges. For example, I have already pledged $50, and you can pledge anywhere from $10 to $5,000.

Nigel has sacrificed so much in his wrestling career for us as fans and he deserved so much more than he got from the wrestling industry.

We must help Nigel with this documentary as he only has another 31 days to raise around $17,000. 

Let's all work together as wrestling fans to help a man who has given up so much to entertain us for the last 12 years of his life.

He deserves to have his story told as one final tribute to his career.

You can support Nigel by going to this link below and pledging.


Here's a link to the latest Art of Wrestling Podcast with Colt Cabana featuring Nigel, who talks more about the project.

http://tsmradio.com/coltcabana/ (Podcast No. 85)

Thank you, and let's help Nigel reach his goal.  If you can't donate, just try and get the word out to other wrestling fans about pledging, the more people know, the more likely they'll pledge and the more likely Nigel will reach his goal.