Why the Philadelphia Eagles Are STILL Going to Win Super Bowl 43

Jess RamirezContributor IJanuary 11, 2009

The Philadelphia Eagles did it again. They showed that their win in Week 14 at Giants Stadium was no fluke, and they overcame the odds of being the underdog and won another huge game.

How did they do it this time? The way they've been doing it since Late November: Defense

Faced with fourth and inches and then fourth and two, it seemed like there would be very little doubt that the Giants would convert because of the way Jacobs and Ward were pounding the ball earlier in those two drives. But both times the Philly D came up and had little trouble clogging up the middle to give the ball back to the Eagles

Now Philly's run defense could have played better, as the Giants had 4.3 yards per carry and a total of 138 yards, but the pass D held Eli to only 169 yards and two interceptions but kept the Giants out of the endzone for the full 60 minutes. 

Asante Samuel was the difference maker of the 1st half and possibly the game when he intercepted a Manning pass and took it to the 1 to set up Philly's first touchdown of the game.

Possibly the most important stat of all could be how New York was only able to convert 3-13 third downs. The last meeting between these two teams saw the Eagles hold the Giants on third down three of 11 times.

Now McNabb didn't exactly put on a passing clinic, but once again he managed the game well and made the big play when it he had to. He converted huge third downs when it mattered, including a third and 20 play that he kept alive in typical McNabb fashion by scrambling around the pocket and breaking tackles in order to give his receivers the time the get open which led to the Eagles second touchdown of the game.

Now next week Philly has to go west to meet up with the Cardinals, a team that the Eagles wiped the floor with on Turkey Day. Now-a-days in the NFL, previous matchups between teams earlier in the season isn't really relevant to what's going to happen the second time around, but just know that the Eagles are the hottest team in the NFL right now (winning six of seven) so they will not lack any confidence whatsoever.

And just know that Jimmy Johnson is going to have a special sceme while dealing with Kurt Warner and the pass-happy Cardinals and if it worked then, there's no reason why it can't work now.

Fly Eagles, Fly.