NFL Divisional Round: Day 1 -- Shock and Awe

John StepnickCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2009

Baltimore gets another road win courtesy of their defense. Three turnovers in the red zone take points off the board from Tennessee. Baltimore gets the benefit of the refs blowing a huge delay of came call, allowing them to pick up a first down and get in position to kick the game winning field goal.
The delay of game isn't a reviewable penalty, but it should be. I wouldn't be surprised if delay of game becomes a penalty that can be reviewed by challenge.
Both teams got beat up during the game, the biggest injury being Chris Johnson of the Titans going down with an ankle injury. Tennessee simply couldn't run the ball after Johnson went down, giving Baltimore the opening to win the game.


The Cardinals shock the world by going into Charlotte and scoring 33 straight points against a solid Carolina defense. Larry Fitzgerald had the game of his life with 166 yards and a touchdown. Jake Delhomme had a forgettable game with five interceptions and a fumble.

Arizona could host the NFC Championship game if Philly knocks off the Giants today. In spite of everyone saying Arizona couldn't win on the East Coast, or that they couldn't win without Boldin, they pulled it off. Putting up 33 in front of a shocked Carolina crowd who hadn't seen a loss all year.