Arizona Cardinals Ready to Shock the World: Can You Say Super Bowl 43 Champions?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJanuary 11, 2009

After a first look at the Arizona Cardinals this year, I figured they would not be good. It would be like every year we see them; they are always an okay team.

Never in a million years did I think I would be saying that the Cardinals would be Super Bowl 44 Champions. But after watching this team in the playoffs and seeing that they seem to win their games easily, I can say that it is possible they could win the Super Bowl this year. They have history to back them up, too.

The Steelers and Giants were wild card teams who got in and no one expected them to go far at all. There were the favorites, like the Colts and Patriots, but those two ended up winning instead.

It is the same with the Cardinals. They are a wild card team and barely got in with an 8-8 record. I for one griped that an 8-8 team got into the playoffs while my team, the Pats, had 11 wins and were unable to be in.

I know that the Cards are NFC and the Pats are AFC, but I still hate the fact that they got in. That was until I saw them beat the Falcons.

The Falcons were favored because they had won more games and seemed to have more talent. They were on a roll with a hot rookie QB and a pretty solid defense.

It was like they didn't show up, but the Cards did. I figured it was a fluke and they just got passed them but would go down next week to the Panthers.

It was not a fluke, as you know. The Cards bounced the Panthers out of the playoffs with surprising defense. They have five turnovers through their playoff games this season. They played solid defense on Steve Smith.

Smith didn't get a catch in the game until the end of the third quarter. They held him catchless in the first half. A veteran in Smith, who has been to a Super Bowl. He went against corners that people beat all year.

The Cards' defense, led by Rolle, Dockett, and Berry, are taking out offenses. That was what they lacked all this time. They have always had the offense. They can score TDs, but could never seem to stop the other teams from scoring.

Now that they can, look out. The offense blasted the Panthers' defense, which was very surprising to me. Of course they have a good offense, but I figured the Panthers would stop it.

Larry Fitzgerald just killed the Panthers' corners. They apparently forgot that they had to cover him. Boldin was out with an injury and is supposed to be the best wide out on the team, but Fitzgerald blasted Carolina's defense all by himself.

Edgerrin James played a good game last week, finally showing up for the first time in his Cardinals career. He didn't really get his feet under him last night. He kept slipping in the game, but no one else really did.

Edge did not have a great game, but he was a good decoy. Fitzgerald got open early because of the run threat.

Now with all of this helping the new greatest show on earth led by the only man to be on both in Kurt Warner they are great. Warner seemed to exorcise his demons on the road in this game, as he has not played well away from home.

But in this one he did, and that was the impressive thing to me. Seeing a veteran do well is expected, but when they do bad it is unexpected. Some did not think what he did was great, but he is the reason the Cards are where they are currently.

They have either the Giants or the Eagles in the NFC Championship game. The last time a No. 1 seed won the Super Bowl was years back with the New England Patriots. So the Giants may be in trouble.

The Titans are already out with their loss to Baltimore. The Giants do not have that big game wideout now since Burress is out, and they have to rely on the run game, which seems to be falling short late in the season.

I know they have Jacobs and Bradshaw, but they aren't really enough to me. If they somehow get by the Eagles today then I expect them to be tired. The Cards can stop the run.

Also if they go mainly for the pass they won't do well. I mean, with the Cards' secondary doing so well right now it looks impossible for anyone to get past them.

If the Eagles win I am sure they will put Asante Samuel on Fitzgerald, but that will leave others open on that great offense. Boldin could also be back next week.

They can stop the run, too. The Giants seem to be doing it, so they could watch this game and stop the electricity of the Eagles' offense in Westbrook. McNabb does not have the big play wideout either.

If he did he would use him more. Westbrook is their best runner and wide receiver. So if you stop him you stop the Eagles. And the Cards know that.

It looks as if they could be in the Super Bowl if they do everything necessary to win like they have been. And with the way they are playing, I don't see anyone who can match them right now.

It is like they are on a higher level right now than anyone else. What do you think?

Will the Cards shock the world by winning Super Bowl 44?