New Year's Revolution: TNA Genesis Preview

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IJanuary 11, 2009

Tonight's the night. After months of ambushes, assaults and people placed on the shelf, TNA looks to raise hell with the first official pay per view of the year. With that, here's a look at tonight's monumental lineup and pay per view.

Revenge Match

Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Shane Sewell

After months of torture and torment, Shane Sewell finally lost it this past Thursday on IMPACT! Because of his actions, he was promptly fired by TNA Management's Jim Cornette...for three days. Tonight, Sewell gets reinstated as a wrestler, and his first official match will be against the man who has made it his business to decimate Sewell at every given turn: Sheik Abdul Bashir. But Sewell is no simple pushover; the guy has some skills in the ring, and thanks to Cornette, he gets his chance to show them off. And this time, it will not be stopped by the other officials.

X Division Championship Finals

Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin

After a month of combat, the final two men are ready to do battle to crown a new X Division Champion. But will their friendship survive the possibility of claiming gold? In this all important match, the Motor City Machineguns will lock horns in the finals to determine a new champion. The road has not been easy as both men had tough challengers along the path to Charlotte. Now tonight, the Guns will face off and only one can be X Division Champion.

Which Gun will pull the trigger and add the gold to their illustrious resume? And will the team still be a team when the smoke clears tonight?

Lumberjill Match for the TNA Knockouts Championship

Awesome Kong vs. ???

Since winning the gold from Taylor Wilde, Awesome Kong has been virtually unstoppable. But she finally met her match in the form of Christy Hemme last month at Final Resolution. But lucky for Kong, Hemme suffered a neck injury during her last training exercise with AJ Styles and will be out for an undisclosed period of time. Because of that, Jim Cornette is planning to name a suitable replacement tonight.

While she has been preparing for the speed of Hemme, who will she have to prepare for now that Hemme is on the shelf? And will this replacement claim gold tonight from the Knockout Monster?

Triple Threat Match for the TNA World Tag Team Championships

The Monstrous Blueprint vs. Beer Money vs. The Lethal Consequences

Matt Morgan and Abyss have been trying to snag the tag team titles from Robert Roode and James Storm for months. But thanks to Morgan's match against Roode this past Thursday, Jay Lethal and his partner Consequences Creed took advantage of their Feast or Fired Briefcase and became TNA Tag Team Champions. Now tonight, they will defend the gold against both The Monstrous Blueprint and Beer Money.

Is this the night that Morgan and Abyss win the titles? Will Beer Money make the new champs a one hit wonder? Or have The Lethal Consequences started a new trend for The Front Line?

And speaking of The Front Line...

Six Man Tag Team Warfare

The Main Event Mafia (Nash, Booker & Steiner) vs. The Front Line (Devon, Styles & Mick Foley)

For months, the Mafia has made its living by being more of an old school mob than a wrestling faction. In the past month and a half, they've managed to take out Christian Cage, Brother Ray and Samoa Joe. Now the Front Line has some help in their fight against the Fighters of Father Time. After their last gang assault, the Mafia got some news that they were not too happy with: Mick Foley will return to the ring to join Brother Devon and AJ Styles to fight the good fight.

Will The Mafia continue their perfect pay per view streak? Or will The Front Line get one step closer to absolution?

The Re-Match of the Century

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

It's been months in the making. And after defeating Rhino (thanks to Al Snow), Kurt Angle finally gets what he wants: One more crack at the TNA Founder. But that is easier said than done. After Angle made things extremely personal by including Jarrett's three daughters and taking out BG James this past Thursday, Jarrett has finally snapped and is set to take out his opposing nemesis once and for all.

Will Kurt Angle finally get the victory over Jarrett? Or will The King of The Mountain end the war and send the Olympic Jackass back to Orlando with another loss? It's the rematch of the century...and you would do right by making sure that you're there to see it.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Rhino vs. "The Icon" Sting

This is the one that everyone has been waiting for (somewhat). Under the radar, Rhino has become a huge part of the war between The Front Line and The Main Event Mafia. Now he will have the biggest challenge of his career as two legends of the ring face off against one another. Since winning the gold from Samoa Joe, Sting has become the complete opposite of the man that was once idolized by fans of all ages everywhere. In the same token, the old school wrestling fan still cheers for the man, despite his attempts to not be like his Mafia colleagues.

But tonight, it's about more than just the TNA World's about the shift of power in TNA. The winner tonight will most likely have the power in his team's favor. But which man will step up at the right time and leave Charlotte as TNA World Heavyweight Champion?