Call Me Nuts, The United States Need a Sports Senate

Thomas H.Correspondent IJanuary 11, 2009

In today's sports world of non-stop controversies, the players and even officials of our favorite leagues have become characters of little respect and stamina.

Yes, the fans of today can still find characters who donate money, so no to big contracts and want to stick with their team.

But in the year of 2008, the issues of sports exploded. The steroid use in sports is skyrocketing with all these players testing positive (some are the most respected in the game).

We saw that the tyranny of players like Manny Ramirez's antics in Boston and Terrell Owens' large mouth begins to think of a deeper idea.

Do the national sports of this country need a Senate?

Throughout the recent trials something has hit me. All these trials are going to the judicial system of the country, and many of these problems go to the American senate.

Are you telling me we are wasting our highest seats talking about our players' issues??!?!

In a time of dying economy, illegal immigrants and global warming I don't want the smartest (well, hopefully) men in our country talking about Barry Bonds playing with needles.

Make a sport senate. Make a system which could deal with everything from an extreme fight in the NHL to more officials betting in the NBA? Why not get those ESPN reporters out of D.C and into a place full of sports fans who are brilliant and know the judicial system at the time?

Is what I am saying absolutely ridiculous? It could be, but in these leagues today it truly isn't that out of place to say.

Maybe one day when Baron Davis is running for President and I am voting, I can also vote for my regions Sport Senator.