Today:Chargers Vs Steelers

The One You FearCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2009 Chargers will play the Steelers.

I decided to write this and tell you WHO I THINK is going to win today's game.


Well as you all know Chargers had a roller coaster season,they were 5-8 and at the end of the season they won all of their games and went to play colts.Everyone thought that chargers had no chance of winning against the colts.But they won and became 8-8

Darren Sproles is the main RB for the Chargers because he averages 9 yards a play/now that's big!!!If you watched the game where Sproles played against the colts you will see that he was breaking tackles everywhere and colts defense couldn't do anything about it and also Sproles got a winning touchdown for San Diego in overtime.

Don't left out LT (LaDainian Tomlinson) He is still starting RB for the Chargers, i just meant that Sproles is very impressive over the last 5 games.LT isn't 100% now because he has D-Groin injury.But he can still run and score some big points against the Steelers.

Now,lets look at the Chargers receiving.Antonio Gates and Vincent Jackson are the main receivers in the Chargers lineup.They both almost got the same stats.

They both have 60 receptions,and they have almost both 8 touchdowns

Philip Rivers,he was not usual when he played against the Colts,he got sacked 4 times and intercepted 1 time.But in the 4th quarter he showed his regular side by throwing no interceptions and getting sacked zero times.Now that's a good offense.

Well this is all i got on Chargers,lets move on to the Steelers


This season Steelers weren't that good on offense their avr. scoring points were 21pts(their 20th in the NFL) their rushing was 105.6(their 23rd in the NFL) their passing was 206.3(their 17th in the NFL) and total yards was 311.9(their 22nd in the NFL)

They were 12-4 in a regular season and they lost against the Eagles,Giants,Colts and Titans, two of those teams lost in the playoffs.

Ben Roethlisberger:He had a lot of injury's this season. One of the main injury's is his head concussion.This season he only had 17 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.Now that's not how Ben plays,but we will see how he plays today against the Chargers at 4:30 pm

Willie Parker:He had a injury that took him out for half of the season and only had 4 touchdowns that's not the Willie that we know also.Now that he is back,Steelers got better in rushing but not that much.

Steelers Receiving:Ward and Holmes are the main receivers but this season their also not the same as they are in the previous seasons.They only average 13 yards and have about 6 touchdowns,now those are the stats of both players average.

What i'm saying is that Steelers aren't normal.They can be way better that they were this season.The injury's were the main things that made Steelers not being themselves.


Here are some stats of the both teams

San Diego Chargers (8-8-0)
Injuries more
Player Injury
L. Tomlinson/ RBD - Groin
A. Gates/ TEQ - Ankle
N. Kaeding/ KP - Rt. Groin
B. Siler/ LBP - Foot
Team Leaders Complete Player Stats
P. Rivers312478400934
L. Tomlinson29211103.811
D. Sproles613305.41
Receiving REC YDS AVG TD
V. Jackson59109818.67
A. Gates6070411.78
Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4-0)
Injuries more
Player Injury
B. Roethlisberger/ QBP - Concussion
Team Leaders Complete Player Stats
B. Roethlisberger281469330117
W. Parker2107913.85
M. Moore1405884.25
Receiving REC YDS AVG TD
H. Ward81104312.97
S. Holmes5582114.95


Now if you look at the stats you can see that Chargers would win today's game and go to AFC Championship to play Ravens.I don't know about you but i would like Chargers to win because LaDainian Tomlinson is one of my favorite RB and I don't really like Steelers that much.

Well i hope you injoined my preview of todays Steelers,Chargers game

Comment it and lets see what you think