Just Appreciate the Pro Wrestling Storylines: DAMN! (Part I)

James TurnerCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2009

I remember a few years back when WWE did the Kane and Katie Vick angle. I don't really remember the actual storyline to it because I was falling off of wrestling at this time and it really was a bad angle too.

I actually thought that the WWE could have made that angle really work. I was wrong. That storyline went sour. But I didn't knock them for giving it a try.

I remember when Ron Simmons first came out during John Cena's promo with King Booker and he first said "DAMN" then walked right into the back. That was a classic moment. I still laugh at that moment.

I remember when he did it for a second time that next week on Raw. I read articles on how dull it was getting already and people were going to be tired of it.

A few Wrestlemania appearances, WGTT hugging up on each other, Candice Michelle lovefest with herself and a Vince McMahon shaved head later, we have a classic Ron Simmons sitcom.

The point I'm trying to make is that not every wrestling angle will be the one to tune into. But we should at least give the storyline a chance to play its way out. Give it a chance to see what limits the storyline can go. Some storylines start out pretty bad but end up into classic rivalries and stories.

I'll use a more recent example for my argument. Let's take the JBL/HBK angle that's currently on Raw. I've read a few articles and many comments on those articles about how stupid this storyline really is.

Judge the storyline the way you want to but look at it like this. When these two come out into the ring together doesn't it make you wonder what's going to happen next with the storyline?

As predictable as WWE has been over the last six years or so, can you really predict how this angle is going to play out? I mean I knew he was going to lie down to JBL in that fatal four way the week before he got JBL intentionally disqualified.

I mean many of us may have knew that he was going to let JBL pin him in the match, but the way HBK played that angle out was Oscar-worthy.

The emotion he puts into his matches and reactions to JBL. The way he carried that tag match with him and Cena against Orton/Jericho and got the crowd really into it. HBK got me into the match because you didn't know what to expect with him.

That's what you call making something work. That's what you call a definite future Hall of Famer. Shawn Michaels made that Chris Jericho rivalry last year he had really go into effect.

Shawn Michaels makes you appreciate storylines. Some of the best storylines in wrestling history had to do something with Shawn Michaels. Iron man match with Bret Hart, Stone Cold/Mike Tyson angle, DX formation, rivalry with HHH and Chris Jericho. I mean we have to appreciate the storylines when you have guys like HBK.

Now I understand there are some angles that could have been put together a lot better. Brock Lesnar/Goldberg angle is a prime example. These two could have had a rivalry that went at least four months.

They both decide to hold onto their pride and leave the company at the same time right after their match they had together at Wrestlemania 2004. Although the match wasn't that great and the rivalry could have gone a long time, the buildup to the match was superb.

That buildup started all the way at Survivor Series where both Lesnar and Goldberg were the heavyweight champions of their brands. Then, Goldberg got in Lesnar's face after Lesnar beat Hardcore Holly at the Rumble.

Then, Lesnar cost Goldberg a chance to fight at Mania for the title by distracting him and getting Goldberg eliminated from the rumble. To top that off, Goldberg costs Lesnar the WWE Championship. So that is a great and proper buildup going into Wrestlemania.

Now we know that all storylines are not going to appreciate every single wrestling fan. I've noticed that with a lot of wrestling article writers, some of them tend to put down an angle or a decision made by a company, definitely WWE.

Just let WWE do it's job. It's okay to hear your opinion but why put down the company each and every week when you're going to watch it that very next week on Raw or Smackdown. It's like you're taking the joy out of professional wrestling and just finding things that are wrong with the current storyline.

Give yourself a chance to appreciate the storyline. If JBL beats Cena and becomes World Heavyweight Champion, that may suck for a lot of fans but imagine the shock value. Not many people expect Cena to lose to JBL.

Just let the guys do what they do best. Entertain us. Just appreciate pro wrestling's entertainment. I know I do and I have been a wrestling fan since late 80s and always kept watching it since then.

So I can appreciate a storyline whether its boring or not. Can you appreciate an article though? That is the question.

Simple JT