NFC Playoff Recap No. 1: Cardinals Peck Out Panthers

Jennifer TaglioneCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2009

That’s right, the Arizona Cardinals move on to the next round of the NFL playoffs after their total stomping of the Carolina Panthers. This is the first time in their history that they have won two games in the playoffs.

And who predicted this, just moments before the game without basing the pick on any real sports analysis or stats? And without having to change the pick during halftime?

That’s right, me!

I’m telling you, if you follow the Stiletto Sports Official Rulebook to Team Selection, you will be just as accurate as the so called Senior Sports Analysts*. Not many people picked the Cardinals to win, and even fewer thought they would totally kick ass. But I did. Because of the rules!

* I do not recommend picking solely based on my methods. If you do and you lose, don’t blame me. If you do and you win, well, gimme half!

The story of the game

Carolina didn’t seem to think it was important to catch or hold on to the football. They apparently have not read my Girl’s Guide to Football, because I clearly discuss that those things are very key to actually winning football games!

The Panthers ended with six turnovers! Arizona only had one.


The stars of the game

Larry Fitzgerald, who had 8 receptions. 166 yards, 1 TD and one stopped the Carolina’s final two-point conversion attempt (that has a fancy name for what it’s called but I don’t remember what it is). The announcers called Fitzgerald the Michael Jordan of football. Maybe they said Arizona Cardinals football. Hmmm. Oops, there’s a big difference there! Sorry about that.

But anyway, I was told that Fitzgerald is “the most amazing target for a quarterback in the entire NFL. It’s like he’s made of superglue and velcro!

(Thanks Etienne! By the way, Etienne is a friend of mine that now lives in Arizona. I have to give him some credit for my picks because when making the initial decision to pick Arizona over Atlanta, I thought ‘well Etienne and Ashley live in Arizona.’

I would also like to thank Jerry Maguire because Rod Tiswell played for the Cardinals, also something I considered when making my picks. I’d love to say just kidding, but I’m so not. Go ahead, laugh. Did you pick the winner? Ha!)

Kurt Warner. Arizona’s QB totally dominated over Carolina’s Jake Delhomme. Warner said, “No one touched the offensive line in first half. There were big plays everywhere. But it was a team effort.”

Oh wait, gotta run, Kurt is on TV, being interviewed and he looks all hot and chiseled in his suit. Earlier he was interviewed and it was raining so he was all dripping wet and hot looking!

What happened


First Quarter

  • Carolina scored first and only minutes into the game.
  • But Arizona scored better. They closed the quarter with two touchdowns in under three minutes of play.
  • 14-7


Second Quarter

  • Arizona showed total domination! Two field goals, a key interceptions and a touchdown.
  • 27-7 at the half.

But still, no one believed. Halftime reports were skeptical and said that many teams start off strong and fall in the second half.


Third Quarter

The quarter was pretty quiet but the Cardinals kept pecking away at the Panthers offense and defense.

  • And finally with five minutes left, the Cardinals showed those haters with another key interception that lead to another field goal.
  • 30-7

Fourth Quarter

  • One final peck into the eyes: Cardinals had another field goal with three minutes remaining
  • Oh and the Panthers finally scored again. But they failed at the 2-point conversion which was almost painful to watch.
  • 33-13 Final.


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