Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao: Winner Takes Lion's Share in 70-30 Split

Nedu ObiAnalyst IIMarch 7, 2012

Courtesy Thisis50.com
Courtesy Thisis50.com

Manny Pacquiao’s management team and business adviser Rex Salud have upped the ante by offering Floyd Mayweather a 70-30 split on pay-per-view sales, reports ESPN, with the victor of their projected-super fight taking the lion's share.

This is the latest saga involving both camps' attempts at getting the so-called “Fight of the Century” off the shelves and into the public domain.

Initially, “Money May” proposed a non-negotiable $40 million payday to the eight-division titlist—a deal that, had the Filipino congressman accepted, would’ve given Mayweather the entirety of the PPV revenue.

However, that wasn’t the case, as Top Rank CEO and Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum responded by offering Mayweather $50 million, only this time, Pacquiao would be the one in line to receive the totality of the pay-per-view sales.

Needless to say, the WBC welterweight champion flatly turned down the deal, leading Arum to come back with an improved offer of 55-45, but with the winner getting the biggest slice of the PPV.

Again Mayweather (42-0-26 KOs) declined their tender, whilst standing firm on his original request of having the sole rights to the moneys generated by the pay-per-view buys.

Both Mayweather and Pacquiao have prior engagements before this fight can even materialize.

Money is scheduled to face off against Miguel Cotto on Cinco de Mayo for the WBA super welterweight title before serving a three-month jail sentence on June 1, whilst Pac-Man (54-3-2-38 KOs) is slated to defend his WBO welterweight crown on June 9 against Timothy Bradley. 

Still, the assumption is that team Pacquiao wants to keep the ball rolling, which makes a lot of sense with this most recent proposition.

However, whether the five-division titlist accepts or not is another thing altogether.

Mayweather has his own take on both the failed negotiations and the supposed public’s perception that he’s running scared of Pacquiao. From ESPN:

“I gave this sport my whole life and I've been in this sport - dominating,” said Mayweather. “I have record breaking numbers that I've done. He has no record breaking numbers. With or without Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather is okay, because when your career is over and is all said and done, I have to be happy and have to be comfortable.

“I come first, self-preservation. I put myself first. If the fight happens, it do [sic]. Do I want the fight to happen? Absolutely, but if it don't, so be it. [...]

“I don't fear no man. I don't fear nothing," Mayweather told NBC when asked if he was scared of Pacquiao. "And so if you are insinuating that I'm a scared fighter then why would you want to watch a scared fighter?

“Can't no fighter beat Floyd Mayweather. And if the Pacquiao fight presents itself, and everything is in order like it should be, I'll be victorious.

“He had a chance to step up to the plate, if you had done your homework - May in the past - Pacquiao has said, 'You know what, I would take less money but I didn't want to do the drug test.' Now he's saying, 'I will do the drug test, but I want 50-50.' Like I said, it is what it is.”


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