My Fantasy Road to WrestleMania

The One You FearCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2009

This week on Smackdown, we found out about Jeff Hardy's hit-and-run accident.

As you all heard, Cristian Cage's TNA contract expired not long ago.

Every WWE fan thinks that now Cristian is coming back to WWE.

And I think so too, which now brings me to the Road to Wrestlemania.

So Jeff Hardy got involved in that car accident this past Friday, and everyone thinks that it was Cristian, but no one knows for sure.

The next Friday on Smackdown, Jeff Hardy returns before Royal Rumble and asks who was involved in the car accident.  After no one answers, Vickie Guerrero comes out and tells Jeff that he will soon find out.

When Royal Rumble comes, Jeff Hardy has to face Edge and defend his WWE tittle.  Jeff wins the match and celebrates with Matt Hardy.  When the Rumble match comes, people start wondering who is the 30th person is going to be to enter the rumble.

And then Cristian's music hits and he is the 30th person to enter the rumble—and everyone goes into shock!

Cristian swipes out everyone and wins the 2009 Royal Rumble and then he speaks out and tell everyone that it was him who was behind the car in the Jeff Hardy's car accident.

The next Smackdown (after Royal Rumble) Cristian Cage, Edge, and Vickie come out in the ring to announce Cristian the new Smackdown superstar and a new No.1 contender for the WWE Championship.

On another Smackdown show, Vickie announces that there will be a No-DQ match tonight.  It will be Edge vs Big Show for the No. 1 contender shot to face Jeff Hardy at No Way Out for his WWE Championship.

When the match starts, Big Show is in a total control and Edge is manhandled.  After Big Show was getting ready to choke-slam Edge, Cristian comes out with a chair and hits Big Show five times.

After Edge gets all together and realises that Big Show was down, he gets in a spear position and waits for Big Show to get up—and when he gets up, the winner is...Edge.

After Edge becomes the No. 1 contender, Vickie announces on Smackdown(the last smackdown before No Way Out) that there will be TLC match at No Way Out.So the match is TLC (Tables,Ladders and Chairs) Jeff Hardy vs Edge for the WWE Championship!!!

At No Way Out, Jeff Hardy faces Edge  .It was an very long and impressive match but at the end, Edge wins back WWE Championship because Cristian Cage helps him.

The next Friday on Smackdown, Jeff Hardy calls out Cristian and tells him to face him one on one and not to come from no where and hit him from behind with a chair. And when Jeff says that, Vickie comes out and makes that match—Cristian vs. Jeff Hardy.

It was a regular match, but it was interrupted by Edge and that led to the total beatdown which made Jeff Hardy a winner—but he was pretty hurt after that beat down by Cristian and Edge.

So when the WrestleMania 25 came, it was Cristian vs. Edge for the WWE Championship.  When the match started, it was a very close match—but Cristian pulled off a win by reversing Edge's spear to an unpritier and win the match!!!

Cristian then became the new WWE Champion. After WrestleMania there was a new storyline that started, but I will tell you that storyline in the future

This was my fantasy road to WrestleMania—so don't post a comment that it will never happen!