Pro Wrestling News: Chris Masters Reaches out to Fans

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IMarch 6, 2012


Since he was released from the WWE in August 2011, Chris Masters has been working in independent circuits such as WWFX (World Wrestling Fan Xperience) and the Wrestling Retribution Project.

In December 2011, Masters worked TNA's Indian promotion, Ring Ka King, but Masters has his sights set a little bigger when it comes to his career as a professional wrestler.

According to his official Twitter account, Masters has expressed a solid interest in working for TNA and has reached out to his fans and his followers to help spread the word about him and to promote his new handle change, which is now @ChrisMasters310.

Masters has posted the following comments;


"I just wanna say 1 thing.I'm no U Warrior!I appreciate WWE.I'm known worldwide because of them.No bitterness!Its campaign time,#MTI 2012

"Vince said in buisiness (sic) you got to be willing to step on toes.U got it VMac.I'm not just gonna step,I'm gonna Squash# MTI Masters2Impact2012

"And I know there's some who would say #MTI would make no Impact.But your still thinking of 2006 CM.Check out something more current.#IWC4MTI


Masters has posted several other comments on hisaccount regarding his interest in TNA and the possibility of working for the promotion.

Masters started out in the WWE in 2005, and was heavily pushed due to his statuesque physique.

His “Masterlock Challenge” was a staple of WWE programming for quite some time.

For the challenge, he would offer one thousand dollars to anyone that could break his Full Nelson hold that he pegged “The Masterlock.”

Masters was put in the WWE Championship picture early, and feuded with such stars as Kurt Angle, John Cena and Shawn Michaels.

Masters became a tag-team competitor and teamed with Carlito but his tenure in the WWE did not last long after that.  Masters was released from the WWE in November 2007 after a second wellness policy violation.

Masters returned to the WWE in 2009 after working the independent scene, but his second run was not as heavily pushed as his first one.

Aside from a decent feud with MVP (Montel Vontavious Porter) in 2009, Masters was relegated to WWE Superstars and participated in the lower-card until his second release from the WWE in August 2011.

If Masters ends up in TNA, it could be a better fit for him. If it was done properly, he could have a great push because he is still young and does have a lot to offer.

Time will tell if Masters will get his wish.