Hockey and Politics Should Mix! (Humour)

Cody ChenierCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2009

After the much-debated coalition between the Liberal and NDP parties of the Canadian government, I found myself looking closer at Mr. Harper's Conservatives.

One such issue I find shocking is the fact that Mr. Steven Harper has 37 Cabinet Ministers working 46 different Cabinet positions.

Now remember the fact that when the Right Hon. Jean Chrètien was Prime Minister, the federal cabinet had 32 Cabinet Ministers in 39 different Cabinet positions.

Well where does this lead, you ask? A Hockey Cabinet Minister (I can hear the cheers). Why not, Mr. Harper is hiring left, right, and centre, racking up more bucks for his Conservatives, so why not hire a Hockey Cabinet Minister?

After his little stunt mocking Quebec culture and Canadians interest in culture all together, a Hockey Cabinet Minister in Parliament would improve morale across the country.

But why do we need a Hockey CM? Well the Hon. Gary Lunn, who is the Sports and Recreation Minister, needs some help lifting the weight of Canadian sports off his shoulders.

With the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics soon coming, Mr. Lunn will be overbooked, and don't forget the U20 WHC. Then add skiing, snowboarding, figure skating, and winter sports; this would boggle the mind of any other individual.

A Hockey CM would lift numerous championships and events off Mr. Lunn's shoulders. With a more focused CM, hockey would thrive in Canada.

But who would fill this position? Instead of giving you an array of names from the federal government, let me instead give you one name: Cody Chenier.

Now I know I don't have any experience on the federal level, but I have a Pierre Trudeau biography and was Student Council President. To me, that is more than enough experience. All I have to do is be elected.

So this is a formal shout-out to my Hamilton-Mountain natives. Vote for me and Canadian Hockey will go above and beyond.

F.W.I. This is a joke article, so no furious, outrageous comments please.