NFL 2009: What Could Happen?

The One You FearCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2009

Well, as the offseason approaches in the NFL, I'm thinking I should write what I think about the next NFL season, looking at this season.

Well starting of with the worst team this season, Detroit Lions. They were terrible this season, 0-16 record. I think that they will improve in '09-'10 season because they can be better than 0-16, maybe they were bad because they had bad coach or maybe the player...Well we will have to wait and see. I'm just saying that they should improve next season like Dolphins did.

The Bengals...Boy that team was up and down. They were up at the end of the season by winning the last three games and lost and tied other games in the middle and beggining of the season.

They weren't good!! But it was a surprise when they won against Clinton Portis and the Washington Redskins. I think next season they will imrove and MAYBE they will make it to the playoffs, looking what kind of players they will draft in 2009 Draft.

Other teams that didn't made the playoffs or wild card like Cowboys or Redskins. A lot of people though that Cowboys will be very good this season and they were wrong. I was very surprised that they didn't even make it to wild card. They may be improve next season.

And what about Redskins...At the beginning of the season, they were on fire!! When it came to the middle of the season, they were steady and at the end of the season, they fell apart. Same with the Jets.

Well that could happen to other teams like what happen to Jets or Redskins. They  could improve and have a better record and make it to the playoffs or they can stay the same or even worsen.

The Playoff Teams: Ravens, Cardinals, Chargers, Titans, Steelers, Eagles, Panthers and last but definitely not least, the Giants. I was surprised by Chargers making the playoffs and especially beating the Colts, and same with Eagles; I wasn't sure who would win, but I thought it would be close and I was wrong; it wasn't even close—like how the Eagles played against the Cowboys.

Well, what happened happened. The Playoff teams are unexpected because they can be the same next season. They can get better or get worse.

The last prediction I'm going to make is who is going to win the Super Bowl this year. I think that its going to be Steelers vs Giants in Super Bowl and Steelers would win by only three or seven points at the most.

Thank You For Reading.