Pro Wrestling Top 25: Ranked With a Vengeance

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IJanuary 10, 2009

What is it about a new year that seems to bring out a more dangerous side of a superstar? Last week, we wanted the four brands to step up their M.O. and make it a beginning that we will never forget. So who would continue the storyline I've named Anarchy 99 '09? Well....

#1) Triple H (2009 Royal Rumble Participant), SmackDown

The Game proved just how damn good he is by competing in three separate, yet tough matches on SmackDown. And be assured that despite being left leveled and in pieces by Big Show, Triple H will return next week with vengeance on his mind. If I were Vickie, I wouldn't waddle anywhere out of that office next Friday night.

#2) John Cena (World Heavyweight Champion), RAW

Since winning the gold, and keeping it, John Cena has been a busy body. From defending Rey Mysterio to finding out how much heart HBK has left, the World Heavyweight Champion has made it his business to lead RAW into 2009 on a high note. But with a Wrestlemania Rematch on the horizon against Michaels this Monday night, what role will JBL play to ensure that he leaves the RR and Detroit the World Champion?

#3) Matt Hardy (ECW Champion), ECW

He has always been told that he couldn't beat Mark Henry. But this past week, he managed to do it for the second time in just a few months. Now he has a tall order on the horizon as he will face one of the biggest up and comers in the Land of Extreme for the ECW Championship on Tuesday night...

#4) Jack Swagger (#1 Contender for ECW Championship), ECW

I may not like the guy, but he gets the job done. Since arriving on ECW, the Sooner has been doing his part in his quest to run the Land of Extreme. Now Swagger has finally done enough to earn his spot against Matt Hardy. With the lights on bright, and the ECW Championship on the line, will Swagger do what his beloved Oklahoma Sooners couldn't do, which is win the championship?

#5) The Legacy (2009 Royal Rumble Participant), RAW

Last week, The Legacy didn't do enough to crack the top ten. But after some shocking turn of events on RAW, Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes did do enough to polish off the top five. After Rhodes and Sim Snuka won their tag match against Cryme Tryme, Orton deemed Snuka the weak link in The Legacy and allowed Sim to join Manu on the chopping block. I don't know what Orton is doing, but whatever it is, it's causing some much needed anarchy backstage on The Flagship Show.

#6) The Lethal Consequences (TNA World Tag Team Champions), TNA

He won the briefcase that contained a shot at the tag team gold. On Thursday night, Lethal cashed in his briefcase, and along with Consequences Creed, defeated Beer Money to become the new TNA Tag Team Champions. But now, they have to face BMI in a they got the Monstrous Blueprint in that match as well. Can they survive Genesis still the Tag Team Champions...or are they on borrowed time?

#7) The Undertaker (2009 Royal Rumble Participant), SmackDown

The Phenom made his return to SmackDown last week by sending a clear message to Shelton Benjamin: He's still got it. This week on SmackDown, the Deadman proved that he indeed still has it as he handed The Gold Standard a crushing loss heading into the Royal Rumble. Will The Deadman win his second Royal Rumble and headline Wrestlemania once again?

#8) WWE Universe

The Universe won over my vote as WWE has continued to rock into 2009. Now they get a hellacious main event for their troubles as John Cena will face his Royal Rumble opponent's puppet, Shawn Michaels in a rematch of Wrestlemania 23. Is the Universe smiling yet? If not, you will be.

#9) TNA FanNation

The FanNation got the shaft last week as they only saw one live match in TNA's final IMPACT of 2008. This past week, the got more than they bargained for as the rivalries became more personal than imagined. With Genesis this Sunday, will the FanNation finally get what they want, which is a change in the atmosphere of TNA?

#10) B/R Wrestling Writers, Bleacher Report

Even with their boss focusing on the BCS Championship Game, the Wrestling Writers continued dishing out top notch articles. With a new year and new stories on the horizon, can these phenomenal writers continue to win over the Bleacher Report? And who will take the top spot from the controversial Joe Burgett in 2009?

#11) Chris Jericho (2009 Royal Rumble Particpant), RAW

Even I have to admit it. Even though he's a world class heel, Jericho had a great face moment when he dropped one hell of a bombshell on his boss, Stephanie McMahon: The Billion Dollar King is coming back to RAW one week before the Rumble. With the Rumble looming, and Jericho holding all the cards, what will the future hold for the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah?

#12) Melina (#1 Contender For Women's Championship), RAW

Since returning to RAW, Melina has been a woman possessed. Now she has a chance to win the Women's Championship at The Royal Rumble. But with every road comes a huge obstacle. While she is trying to concentrate on The Glamazon, Beth's #1 Fan has continued to become a huge player in the rivalry. What will Melina do to continue the streak of victories and one-up times against Phoenix? And will Rosa keep the Angel of Los Angeles from claiming the gold?

#13) The Colons (WWE Tag Team Champions), SmackDown

They had their biggest challenge against Brian Kendrick and Ezekial Jackson. But they used their speed and smarts to defeat the duo to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships this past week on SmackDown. Now that they've handed TBK & EJ a loss, who will step up to face The Colons for the gold next? They won the battle and kept a hold of their titles. Now that's cool.

#14) The Motor City Machineguns (#1 Contenders for X Division Title), TNA

Alex Shelley joined his partner in crime Chris Sabin in the finals of the X Division Championship Tournament after defeating Eric Young this past week on IMPACT. Now the tag team will have to face each other for the X Division Championship. Will their partnership survive the ultimate test this Sunday on Genesis? And will Homicide follow suit by cashing in his briefcase and going for the gold as well?

#15) The Dirt Sheet (World Tag Team Champions), ECW

The Dirt Sheet started the week off great. They defeated Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio on RAW to prove just how good they truly are. But by the end of the week, their week was nothing more than a truckload of shambles and headaches. Both members suffered huge losses as John Morrison was thrown into a table, and The Miz was Pedigreed back to The Palace of Wisdom...both men dropped by the same man: The Game, Triple H.

#16) Big Show (2009 Royal Rumble Particpant & Vickie's Puppet), SmackDown

I would like to say that I still like the Big Show. I would like to say that he is still as dangerous now as in recent memory. Yesh, I would like to say that...but I can't. Over the past month, Show has become nothing more than a simple puppet in Vickie's quest to get Edge back on top of the SmackDown Kingdom. So with that said, someone toss that 400-pound hemorroid over the top rope at The Royal Rumble.

#17) Shawn Michaels (Puppet of JBL), RAW

He is still a puppet of JBL. But when he won the tag match with Cena this past Monday, it looked as if HBK still had some integrity left. But when he faces Cena this Monday night, and with JBL promising to be in his corner, what will Shawn do to continue getting back his pride...and his backbone?

#18) Kennedy, SmackDown

His movie came out, and people are liking it. He is slated to return in the next few weeks. And he may be actually doing good in MVP's quest for a victory. But when he does indeed return, what does the future hold for the Loudmouth of Green Bay known as Misterrrrrr Kennedy!....KENNEDY!

#19) The Kings of Punk (2009 Royal Rumble Participants), RAW

CM Punk got the shaft this past Monday night when William Regal got intentionally disqualified to hold on to his Intercontinental Championship. But it didn't take long for Stephanie McMahon to fix that mistake by ensuring Punk would get a rematch with a simple catch: If Regal gets DQ'd again, he loses the gold. As for Kingston, he found out this past Monday that he will be in his first Royal Rumble Match.

#20) Sim Snuka & Manu (Shafted Samoans), RAW

Here we have two guys who got shafted this past week on RAW. Manu fell to Matt Hardy despite showing some toughness against the ECW Champion. Because of that, and making it clear that Orton didn't win his match either, he was ousted from The Legacy. Later on that night, Snuka got screwed when he was called the weak link, despite winning the tag match. Watch out for these two this Monday night...because rumor is that someone could be coming back sooner than expected.

#21) The Boogeyman, ECW

He is still trashing the competition. He is still eating worms. And he's still coming to getcha! He's the Boogeyman, and he is back on ECW. When he actually starts taking his career seriously, he could possibly be wearing gold from either RAW, ECW or SmackDown in the near future.

#22) The Monstrous Blueprint (#1 Contenders for TNA Tag Team Titles), TNA

Thanks to Matt Morgan's decimation of Robert Roode of Beer Money, Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed are new TNA World Tag Team Champions. And thanks to his efforts, he and Abyss will be getting what they wanted: A shot at winning gold this Sunday at Genesis when they face Beer Money and The Lethal Consequences for the TNA World Tag Team Championships.

#23) Main Event Mafia (The Old Folks Home), TNA

I have nothing to say about these old timers. They still suck, and I hope that Mick Foley, Brother Devon and AJ Styles sends these half talent assclowns back to that Senior Home they escaped from.

#24) Kurt Angle (Olympic Jackass), TNA

Another week. Another beatdown. It's time for Kurt Angle to be bitch slapped back to Steeltown because his resume may be well decorated...but he is becoming such a whiny little bastard. He got his win this past Thursday...but can he defeat The King of the Mountain this Sunday at Genesis?

#25) Shane Sewell (Fired Ref, Hired Wrestler), TNA

This guy has been the victim of assault after assault for the past few months. But this past Thursday, Sewell finally snapped and took down Sheik Abdul Bashir. Following the assault, he was fired by Jim Cornette...for three days. Cornette decided that since Bashir started this, Sewell should get the chance to finish it. Because of that, Sewell returns to the Top 25, finally gets to be the wrestler for a change...and gets his first official match this Sunday at Genesis against Sheik Abdul Bashir! Nice Finish.

On Deck: TNA Genesis (Tomorrow Night) & WWE Royal Rumble (January 25th)


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