No GATORade For You

Adam FisherContributor IIJanuary 10, 2009

I cant think of the last time Oklahoma won a bowl game, oh yeah 6 years ago, they have dropped 5 straight bowl games.

L- LSU in Sugar Bowl

L- USC in Nat. Title Game

L- Boise St. Fiesta Bowl

L- West Virgina Fiesta Bowl

L- Florida Nat. Title Game

Before the game started I "loved" all the talk about how this was the so called greatest offense of all time. Yeah I admit it was one of the greatest, but not the greatest. The greatest offenses won National Championships.

And then look what, happens 14 points. I know Florida has a good defense, but I thought you were called the "Greatest Offense College Footballs Ever Seen". I guess not.

What else ticks me off about Oklahoma is their coaches need to CHILL OUT! In the game, some player from Florida tackled Bradford before he was going out of bounds, and its like the Oklahoma coaches thought he was killed or something they were literally almost shoving the referee, yelling right in his face just because you want all the calls. Oh wait, you already do get all the calls, so chill.

Back to the game what can you say about Tim Tebow And what he has done not for Florida but for College Football he's made it so exciting to watch, and when ever he goes on one of his screaming rants it seems like that next play something good happens for Florida.

The game was a great game the whole time untill you started putting only one guy on Percy harvin for about 5 mins and whats he do he runs for about a 60 yard gain and what was the difference in the game. It's just like I said to my friends Oklahoma always gives up the big play whether its Jordan Shiply's return, or the hook and ladder or the half-back pass(Fiesta Bowl) or the Statue of Liberty. they always give up that play that pretty much lets the team back in it or ends the game right there.

And i was sick and tired of reading all this stuff, about if Oklahoma had DeMarco Murray, they would have won this game no matter what. NO! You would have not won because either way Florida Was going to bring it's A game whoever Oklahoma had. Bradford couldn't do anything against Flordia's Defense, he was getting pressured the whole night, so it means he couldn't get in that rhythm he's used to getting in.

First of all Oklahoma should have not been in the National Title Game, And then you say well Texas barely beat Ohio St. So what now. Who cares about that. You lost to them on a neutral site, yes you killed Texas Tech but Texas lost to them on the LAST PLAY.

And that's why the people who run the BCS are just total clowns. That's why we need a 16 team playoff. I want to see how far Utah would have gone or Boise St. or TCU

What I really love about all of this is, Barry Switzer and how he pretty much said on National Television. That Utah would never sign a recruit That signs with Alabama or that is Blue Chip prospect. Haha Switzer you wanna make any mor excuses.

Back to Oklahoma and Mr. Bob Stoops i wonder how you feel losing 5 straight bowl games, but whats the problem with you. You will shake Urban Meyer's hand but not Chris Peterson's, it's just a little hey Chris nice job and not look him in the eyes like a real coach would. That why Urban Meyer wins National championships because he has respect for everybody. And that's why I have no respect for you Mr. Bob Stoops.

I just want to wish Okalhoma the best of luck next year. NOT