Grading Baylor, Louisville and Cincinnati's New Adidas March Madness Uniforms

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistMarch 6, 2012

March Madness is about to explode on the nation, and a few teams have decided they'd like to have a fresh new look for the NCAA tournament. 

Adidas has come up with new uniforms for the Baylor Bears, Cincinnati Bearcats and Louisville Cardinals. The theme is that they're ultra lightweight, which is supposed to enhance performance.  

Each school will wear them in this year's tournament, and let's hope that each of them plays better than they look. 

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so be sure to drop a comment and let me know what you think about the new digs. 


Baylor Bears

First things first, I have to hit you with the ugliest of the ugly. I'm not sure what Adidas and Baylor were thinking, but perhaps they're trying to be the Oregon of college hoops? Wait a second; that's Nike. 

Something is fishy here. 

Anyway, judge for yourself, but if you happen to think these new uniforms look great, then maybe you should get your eyes checked, because clearly, they're hideous. 

photo credit: Adidas press release
photo credit: Adidas press release

Photo courtesy: 

This isn't a good look for Baylor. Hopefully, the players are pumped for it, because there's nothing worse than trying to play sports when you know you look bad. 

Seriously, people are going to stare, and not in a good way. 

Grade: D 

The only reason they don't an F is because the darker uniform isn't horrible.

The fluorescent green absolutely ruins everything, though. 

On a positive note, at least the shoes aren't glowing.


Cincinnati Bearcats 

To make up for the atrocious Baylor uniform that may or may not give you eye pains for the rest of the day, Adidas gives us the Bearcats' new look.

It isn't horrible by any means, but then again, it could be better. 

I don't understand the all-grey look, though. It's hardly ever a good look for any team. 

photo credit: adidas press release
photo credit: adidas press release

Photo courtesy: 

The black uniforms are nice, but the shorts are a bit over the top. They overpower the entire uniform. Let's be real, the last thing fans want to catch their eye is men's basketball shorts. 

I do have to admit those are some sweet shiny shoes and sick red laces, though. It complements everything pretty nicely. 

Grade: C+  

The shorts are a bit of buzzkill for me, as well as the grey look. Adidas was thinking outside the box, and they get points for creativity and all, but they kind of went overboard here and with the others. 


Louisville Cardinals 

I'm a little confused as to why Adidas only released one photo of the Cardinals' new uniforms.

Maybe it's because they're not so good, or it could be the fact that they didn't want to bombard everyone with this generic look. 

photo credit: Adidas press release
photo credit: Adidas press release

Photo courtesy: 

You can tell the shorts are of a similar pattern to the other schools, but it doesn't really fit because Cardinals don't have thrashing claws like the other mascots.

At least that's what it seems Adidas is trying to go for with their design. Or just strange animal prints; you decide on that one.

Grade: C 

The all-grey look is somewhat of an eyesore. Had there been something else on the front to spice it up, then maybe I'd give them a higher grade.

Why apparel companies think grey tops and bottoms will be a smash hit is beyond me. 


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