The National Football League Needs To Expand To Las Vegas, Nevada.

Farris GunningCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2009

Did someone say Las Vegas needs and NFL team?  YEP!

Las Vegas, Nevada has many things to do, but it's missing a huge piece of culture...Professional Sports!

Now I know I've heard all the down sides:

The most prominent issue is the perceived problem of legal sports betting. This could pose a problem, with no betting on the Las Vegas team, what happens if they make the Super Bowl?  No bets on the Super Bowl? 

All four major sports leagues have strong anti-gambling policies, prohibiting their personnel from having any involvement in gambling. The NFL has taken the toughest (and arguably most unreasonable) stance, refusing to accept Las Vegas tourism advertising for Super Bowl telecasts and threatening to file suit against any local hotels holding Super Bowl parties.

Another negative is that some potential owners believe a professional sports franchise would have difficulty gaining an audience, given Las Vegas' numerous entertainment options.  And what about the people that work odd hours due to a 24-hour town?

Another huge obstacle is the lack of suitable facilities!  Tomas & Mack wont cut it, Silverbowl is outdated, and the casino's won't commit.  So where would they play? Build, Build, BUILD!

I know with the economic downturn in Las Vegas, this is going to be even harder.  When the economy was booming no sports facilities were built, and now there is no funding.

Professional sports might already be in Las Vegas if city leaders had the foresight to build facilities not controlled by outside interests when it was feasible.

Las Vegas would be a "Gold Mine" for professional sports, especially the NFL.  It would bring a new culture and form of entertainment to a city looking for new ways to attract attention.  Build a beautiful new "DOME" stadium and let the games begin. 

By 2015 Las Vegas should have a professional Football Team!  The city was supposed to have a stadium built by 2010 to host professional games... Hasn't even started yet!

It's time for Las Vegas to grow up and make some moves toward a complete place to live and grow.  The NFL is the key and Las Vegas is the Lock.

So let's go Oscar Goodman, Make it happen!

and remember...........Always bet on Black!


A little side note on something I found on Wikipedia:

Professional outdoor football has been attempted twice in Las Vegas. The XFL's Las Vegas Outlaws and the Canadian Football League's Las Vegas Posse. Both teams folded after only one season of play. The XFL folded outright, while the Posse were a failure at the box office and part of the CFL's failed U.S expansion attempt.

Posse QB Anthony Calvillo went first overall in the 1995 dispersion draft of Posse players, and went on to have a stellar career in Canada.