Why Marco Antonio Barrera Still Fights On

EJ ClaudioCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2009

What is the "Baby Face Assassin" trying to prove? He has already proven to his loyal fans that he is one of the greatest boxers ever to come out of Mexico. So why continue fighting?

I certainly don't think that Marco Antonio Barrera is doing it for the money. He has earned enough that he can provide his family a good life. So why is he still fighting?

In my honest opinion, I believe that Barrera is still trying to compete with his nemesis, Erik "El Terible" Morales. Barrera is trying to prove that he is better than Morales by trying to do what Erik couldn't: Win another title in another division.

Both Morales and Barrera have won three world titles in three divisions. Barrera won the WBO Super Bantamweight title, IBO/WBC Featherweight title and the WBC Super Featherweight title. Morales won the WBC/WBO Super Bantamweight title, WBC Featherweight title, and WBC Super Featherweight title.

However, Erik Morales did try to capture his fourth title by challenging former WBC Lightweight champ, David Diaz. Morales lost by a controversial decision, as many people thought he did enough to win.

Now, Marco Antonio Barrera is trying to do the same. He is now campaigning at the lightweight division. He signed a contract with Don King to promote his fights after he parted with Golden Boy Promotions.

Barrera, as reported, will be taking on Johnny Nolasco. This serves as a stay-busy fight for Barrera, as he awaits the winner of the Nate Campbell vs Ali Funeka match on Feb. 14.

How Barrera became the No. 1 contender, I don't know.

I truly believe that Barrera should retire. If he loses, this will tarnish his legacy. He is already way past his prime and should be taking a vacation after all the entertaining fights that he gave us.

Any fight that he takes, at this point, will always be a dangerous match for Barrera. He shouldn't go the "Holyfield Way."

Marco Antonio Barrera, you are already a legend. No need to fight.