Dissapointing Season for Buffalo Bills Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

Ted GioiaContributor IJune 20, 2016

After one of the best starts in for The Bills in many years, the rest of the season turned out to be an absolute disaster. Bills fans are sulking in Buffalo, and almost every season here recently has been, "At least things look bright for next year." 

After this season, no one wants to think about next year.  The Bills have so many things up in the air after an ugly season. 


Is Trent Edwards going to be the next franchise quarterback in Buffalo. 

If you saw the beginning of this season, this was answered quickly because Edwards was lights out.  However, week five against Arizona he was knocked out.  It just seemed like down the stretch as he fought injuries, he was not the same quarterback. 

As the weather got colder to Edwards, so did the fans who started to question if he could be the future for this franchise.  He did have a couple good games towards the end as he got healthier, but still fans are not positive he can get the job done.


Can Dick Jauron lead The Bills to the playoffs? 

Buffalo Bills were 5-1 and atop the AFC East.  Then they signed Dick Jauron to a three year contract extension, and it blew up in their face.  After a huge collapse, fans are definitely disappointed that he is still going to be the coach of this football team. 

Dick Jauron claims he can get the pieces he needs this off-season to lead the Bills to the Playoffs, but fans want him out.


Are the offensive and defensive lines legitimate?  

It all started with a hold out in training camp with All-Pro left tackle Jason Peters.  Peters wanted more money and he didn't get it, when he came back he looked like absolute garbage.  Sure the massive offensive line looked great in pass blocking at points this year, but there were many times when the run blocking looked very poor. 

There is no question they are improved from two years ago, but they still did not look great this season or at all consistent.  They also are in need of a center and maybe another guard for Melvin Fowler and Brad Butler who did not have good seasons to say the least. 

The defensive line is decent at best, but were not able to blossom with the injury to Aaron Schobel.  New defensive tackle Spencer Johnson and Marcus Stroud were definately a great addition to the team, but seemed to dissapear in some big games. 

During some big games it seemed like our pass rush was non-existent and our run defense couldn't compete with other teams offensive lines.  The defensive line is definately not the biggest problem, but it could use some work.


These are just a couple of problems the Bills had this year, as many are still wondering if Lee Evans has All-Pro capability.  Also, will James Hardy become a solid number two reciever?  

Two of the only things positive they can take from the season are the great play of running backs Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson, as well as the great defensive and special teams play of rookie Leodis McKelvin. 

Juaron is trying to give fans reasons to keep buying tickets, but Buffalonians are not happy with this football team