And the Oscar Goes To: Baseball's Top Performers

Heather StidhamCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2008

Since I am riding the high of last night’s Oscar presentation, I thought that I would hand out my nominations and winners for the Baseball Academy Awards.

So, here we go…


Best Actor of the Year

Curt Shilling, There will be Blood Part 2

Jonathon Papelbon, Step Up to the Mound

Barry Bonds, Fugitive: Running from the Feds

Roger Clemens, Titanic 2


And the Winner is…Jonathon Papelbon for Step Up to the Mound 

Step Up to the Mound is the story of a young dancer turned Red Sox’s closer, on a mission to win a WORLD :) Championship one step at a time. His rendition of River Dance left audiences in awe and helped catapult his career as a pop-sensation.


Best Actress of the Year 

Debbie Clemens, Behind Closed Doors

Erin Andrews, There’s Something about Erin

Allyson Footer, A Beautiful Mind


And the Oscar goes to…Debbie Clemens for Behind Closed Doors 

The gut-wrenching story of a woman forced to uphold a picture-perfect image for a husband in the spotlight, Behind Closed Doors explores Clemens fight to remain the perfect mother and wife while hiding a deep, dark secret from the world. Critics called it “haunting” and “beautiful.”  


Best Supporting Actor

Clay Buchholz, Rookie of the Year

Craig Biggio, Saving the Houston Astros

Joe Torre, Ice Age: The Final Meltdown

The Philadelphia Phillies, The Sting: 10,000 and Counting


And the Winner is…Craig Biggio for Saving the Houston Astros


Saving the Houston Astros is the tale of a brave man who takes on the challenge of saving a whole city, one hit at a time. His grace and humility make his performance the only shining light of the film and saves Astros fans from shredding their season tickets.


Best Picture

San Francisco Giants, The Bonds Witch Project

Colorado Rockies, Mission Possible

New York Mets, Every Which Way but Loose

Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Super-Duper Bad


And the Oscar goes to…The Tampa Bay Devil Rays for Super-Duper Bad 

This hard-to-watch depiction of life on the streets in Florida is both nauseating and gut-wrenching. Day-after-day of painful performances makes this a must-see picture for anyone who wants to experience pure agony. The New York Times called it, “vomit-inducing” and “grotesque”


Thank you for joining me for the Baseball Oscars. What do you think? Did the Academy get it right this year? What other awards should be given out?