The WWE Roster Rundown: The Week of 2/27-3/4

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The WWE Roster Rundown: The Week of 2/27-3/4
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I am here to bring you this week's installment of the Roster Rundown. It's a different kind of recap that focuses on the individual performers and how well they performed on a show-by-show basis, rather than looking at specific events or matches.

This week I'm trying another change of format, on two counts. One, I'm giving a look back at the whole week rather than show-by-show, partly because I'm now adding in NXT and Superstars to the assessment.

However, at the same time, I'm dropping Raw. The simple fact is, the A Show is focused more on promos and filled with established wrestlers that don't really need an evaluationeveryone knows how they feel about the top dogs. Instead, I'm taking a primary look at the mid-carders and below, who most sometimes overlook.

Still, each wrestler will be graded in four categories. In-Ring is simply that—their in-ring ability, though more than the others, it's graded slightly on a curve.


Well, the Big Show is never going to technically out-wrestle someone like Daniel Bryan; that much is obvious. But he can still wrestle a good big-man match and look good in the ring without being maybe as athletically impressive or as technically sound as a smaller wrestler of a different style.

There's also charisma, which describes their ability to connect with the audience and non-verbal acting such as posture and facial expressions.

Mic work is both the quality of their promo delivery—and to an extent—the content, though I realize often that's scripted and not their fault. Finally, their gimmick, which is how much of a character they are and how well they live it on a weekly basis.

They'll be graded from "A" to "F", with "A" being excellent, "B" good, "C" average, "D" poor and "F" terrible. I confess to being a fan first, so it's possible that sometimes my own opinions will bleed through, but I maintain an effort to be objective.

As always, opinions vary, and you are always entitled to disagree with me and let me know why in the comments. I live for discussion.

That said, let's see this week's Roster Rundown.

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