Benson Henderson: I'm More Than Willing to Give Frankie Edgar a Rematch

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2012

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Benson Henderson has become the topic of discussion since capturing the UFC lightweight title from Frankie Edgar at UFC 144.

Henderson, who outlasted Edgar in a five-round bout, appeared on "The MMA Hour" to reflect on his latest victory and his future at 155 pounds.

Since UFC 144, Edgar has voiced his interest on a rematch with the current 155-pound champion, while UFC president Dana White sees a future for the former champion at 145 pounds to prevent the UFC lightweight division from being stagnant.

But Henderson sees things differently and he said he would accept a rematch with "The Answer."

"I'm more than willing to give Frankie (Edgar) a rematch. Let's do it. Set it up for tomorrow," Henderson said.

"He had a rough road with two rematches right away after his title defenses. So the fan in me feels that he deserves (the rematch)." 

But while Edgar waits in line for his rematch with Henderson, so too do other challengers like Anthony Pettis. 

Pettis was the last man to defeat Henderson when the two competitors met in the main event at WEC 53. His latest victory over Joe Lauzon has prompted "Showtime" to request his own matchup with the champion, but Henderson says Pettis' recent performances haven't been impressive to warrant one just yet.

"Does someone who has a split decision over someone who is not ranked, and then has a pretty good win against the No. 10 guy, is he deserving of a title shot because of those two wins?" he said. "Do I want to face Pettis again? Absolutely. We will see each other again."

With being a champion, there comes certain responsibilities to retain the title. Henderson said he understands his role at as UFC champion and he wants to prove it in every fight he has.

"Hopefully people will start to realize and understand, I will fight anybody. I don't care. I'm going to smash them," he said.