Ali MashrafCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2009

Since the creation of MAIN EVENT MAFIA, its members "king" Booker T, "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner, "Big Daddy Cool" Kevin Nash and "The Wrestling Machine" Kurt Angle has participated in almost all the MEM's sneak attack and beat downs.

During these attacks, they have annihilated some popular superstars of TNA like Christian Cage, Brother Ray, Petey Williams and Samoa Joe. Only one superstar of MEM has not attended in these attacks, "The Icon" Sting. He has either walked away from the scenes or looked over from a distance.

In this regard, I personally think that he is surely wanting to leave MEM for good and joining TNA FRONTLINE. If that happens, then FRONTLINE will gain more power and go on to finish the war between them and MEM. They may even attack MEM so brutally that MEM will be forced to quit then and there.

But if all the actions of Sting is only a part of the storyline, and if MEM beats FRONTLINE at Genesis, then MEM may win their war against them after winning at Turning Point, Final Resolution and also Genesis. It is quite easy for MEM to overpower FRONTLINE as FRONTLINE is currently missing three of their best superstars, Samoa Joe, Brother Ray and Petey Williams.

They may also get the ownership of TNA if Kurt Angle beats Jeff Jarrett. Until now MAIN EVENT MAFIA has shown why they are the greatest assemblance of champions the wrestling universe has ever seen. But if they lose to FRONT LINE, Sting lose to Rhyno, Kurt Angle gets steamrollered by Jarrett and Sting turns on them making himself a face again, then what will happen?

All the questions will be cleared on Sunday, 11th January at Genesis.