New York Rangers: 5 Reasons Not Acquiring Rick Nash Was the Right Move

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2012

New York Rangers: 5 Reasons Not Acquiring Rick Nash Was the Right Move

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    Much was made of the possibility that the New York Rangers might try to trade for Rick Nash of the Columbus Blue Jackets before the trade deadline.

    Now that the deadline is over a week behind us, it's worth looking back at the decision the Rangers made not to pursue this avenue and what that means for the rest of the season and probably many years ahead.

    Here are five reasons the Rangers made the right decision not to trade for Nash.

Nash Belongs in Columbus

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    Now that Rick Nash has played all eight of his NHL seasons with Columbus, I hope he sticks it out with them long enough for them to have some success.

    Nash is on a streak of four straight 32+ goal, 66+ point seasons and is a favorite among Blue Jacket fans.

    Leaving Nash alone was good for this still very new franchise.

Chris Kreider

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    As for reasons it was the right move for the Rangers, the first is that they didn't have to give up prospect Chris Kreider.

    Kreider was likely going to be one of the moving pieces if the Rangers were going to go for Nash. He was the 19th overall pick in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft and is one of the best prospects in the league right now.

    Giving him up would be giving up a real bright spot on the New York Rangers' horizon. He'll be old enough to buy a beer in about eight weeks.

No. 1 Pick

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    Along with Chris Kreider, the Rangers would have probably had to give up a No. 1 pick as well.

    Any time you give up a pick for a big star, you're making a statement about the way you want to run your franchise.

    I'm glad the Rangers want to make a long-term commitment to staying competitive instead of only loading up for this one postseason.

Brandon Dubinsky

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    Another possible part of the package that would have gotten Rick Nash to New York.

    Dubinsky has struggled this year and many Rangers fans weren't going to feel too bad about him leaving. But since the trade deadline, Brandon picked up his seventh goal of the year. He also laid seven hits on Boston.

    Dubinsky definitely has potential to get back to his 40+ point seasons in the next few years.


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    Anyone who's ever played organized sports knows it's so much easier for players and coaches alike when your roster stays consistent over a long period of time.