A Better WWE for 2009

Blue ChipCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2009

I suppose the way to start improvement is the roster, and replacements if in sight.

For example:

Vladimir Koslov

This man has to have another angle, something more than simply being Russian.

I recall the match with HHH at Judgment Day, where the crowd was shouting, "boring, boring..." The man has no mic skills and that is a double threat of "meh."

He could be replaced perhaps by Christian or muscularly appropriate.


He is attached to Brian Kendrick (to keep up his angle of being obnoxious.) This, I believe, would be a great angle, except the unforeseen.

If Ezekiel develops some mic skills, he should have that push that Koslov is getting. Kendrick could find a tag partner, perhaps equally obnoxious, then a fun tag team to hate.


Vicki, Vicki, Vicky! We realize Eddie is gone and that was a place, not the first place, she should have been. However, she did have potential.

Through the years, she has become boring, predictable, and dry. In addition to this, her mic skills, acting, appearance, and angle all need improvement.


He should put the mask back on. It worked for Abyss. The issue with Kane has always been his lack of pinning a finger on a functional storyline. The more he talks, the less sense we make of it, the less we care. His acting seems labored.

A super sweet dream is a stable of Orton, Jericho, Christian, and Edge! That would be a faction of power comparable to that of Evolution. Enen, banding a new evolution to counter with HHH, Batista, and two more (maybe Hardys) would be so sick.

John Cena

Cena needs an equal. A charismatic "Stone Cold" to his "Rock." It would genuinely help if he could get some marketable pump-up shoes again, and bring back free-style.

With cut-backs in the budget, I suppose it is too much to expect spectacle, such as beer and milk trucks or HBK on a line.


In an interview, Jericho said he came back to do something interesting and creative. Unfortunately, as my favorite wrestler, he has not been all too creative and a mere shadow of his old persona.

He has the mic and in the ring he had his push. He needs a new storyline written for him.

As a replacement for Vicki, who wouldn't want another McMahon, Teddy Long, Bischoff, or Heyman.

Okay, this is long enough. Hope you liked it. I'm going to bed.