Kansas City Chiefs: Who Is the Best Player in Franchise History? You Decide!

Farzin VousoughianContributor IIIMarch 5, 2012

CANTON, OH - AUGUST 3:  Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Hank Stram (L) poses with his bust and his presenter and fellow Hall of Famer Len Dawson during the 2003 NFL Hall of Fame Induction ceremony on August 3, 2003 in Canton, Ohio.  (Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images)
David Maxwell/Getty Images

Your participation will be needed next week, beginning on Monday. To help us get through the offseason, we are going to have our own March Madness.

A bracket of the top 32 performers in franchise history will be created. Next week, there will be polls posted so you can begin voting. The voting will end at 11:59 p.m. CST of the day the polls are posted. I will announce the winners in the comment section below as well as the next article posted for the next set of matches. 

To prevent confusion, there will be multiple polls in each article post. This will help us get through the tournament a little quicker.

With 32 players in this process, there will be four different players receiving a seed from one through eight. That also means that the bracket will consist of four regions.

  1. Championship Era Region: This region will include eight players who helped the franchise win three AFL Championships and capture its only Super Bowl.
  2. '70s/'80s Struggle Region: This region will include eight players who shined during the dark decades of the franchise's history. 
  3. Marty Schottenheimer Era Region: This region will include eight players who played under Marty Schottenheimer during the late '80s and throughout most of the '90s during the franchise's big spark.
  4. 2000s Region: This region will include eight players who played after Schottenheimer's departure. This list could possibly consist of a couple of players who are active in the NFL.

It is possible that some players could represent multiple regions listed above. We will do our best to fit them in the right place to help create the best bracket possible.

The best part about this tournament is that you fans ultimately decide who the best player in franchise history is.

There will be four matches (polls) posted in next Monday's article. I hope you all participate to help decide the best player in franchise history!