Are The Cardinals Done Shopping?

cody grubbsContributor IJanuary 9, 2009

The Cardinals Hot Stove season looks to be getting worse and worse. Since December fourth when they traded for Khalil Greene the Cardinals haven't done anything to affect their Major League club.

The most notable acquisition since that trade was when they signed former Dodger prospect Joe Thurston to minor league deal (I assume there was also a spring training invite as well).The most notable need for the Cardinals would be a starting pitcher presumably someone who can get at least 175 innings pitched.

Among the Free Agents available I have narrowed it down to five who I see available to the Cardinals

  • Ben Sheets. Why? because his market hasn't started yet so pounce now before Cards are outbid. The ace can still provide 150 quality innings a year so he would be worth about nine million with incentive after.
  • Paul Byrd- Of course isn't front end material but he is a inning eater and can help reinforce the staff.
  • Odalis Perez- Yes, the lesser known Perez and I don't really know why. Perez pitched 160 innings and recorded 120 Ks and a 4.34 ERA but assuming Perez is better with Duncan he could be another Lohse in the making.(Odalis also is bargain at this point)
  • Jon Garland- Yeah, I know we would give up a second round pick but Garland who has averaged 200 innings since 2002, Garland is probably a tough FA to acquire though.
  • Pedro Martinez- Yeah, a tough year last year and a bigger injury risk but he would be considered a risk and reward player because he can still pitch as evident by his 87Ks in 128IP that is still a great ratio.Also in August last year he put up a great stat line which I think can point to his ability to still pitch.
  • Bargain Bin-Kenny Rogers, Curt Schilling, Tom Glavine, Bartolo Colon, Josh Fogg, Jason Jennings

The Notable Five, I would take a look at if I was GM but the only thing I can do is type this. I hope we make a move soon  because Carpenter won't be relied to come back this year and carry the rotation.

Also I am extremely happy we didn't sign Fuentes he wouldn't have played his heart into the game if location was so important to him also Ten Million for a reliever I would much rather have Motte and Perez close the game.

This season is also important to note because LaRussa contract will be up at seasons end and the drama will begin again. If La Russa needs a closer I would go after Saito from the Dodgers because he scares everyone away because of injury last year.