Random Thoughts On 2008 NFL Regular Season

Andrew NostvickContributor IJanuary 9, 2009

Point No. 1 The Lions aren't that good...Defensively of course


This seems like an obvious point to me. Those Detroit Lions lack, well a lot of things. The biggest issue for the Lions this season had to be their defense. For the second straight year, the Lions finished in last in the NFL in points given up and yards given up. The Lions defense had only four interceptions in the regular season. Dewayne White led the team with sacks and he only had 6.5. If the Lions had a better season defensively, maybe they have one or two wins.

Point No. 2 Who's to blame for the Lions 0-16 season?


It's easy just to say it's Matt Millen's fault, or William Ford, or even Rod Marinelli. For the sake of this point, let's just blame the entire team. No NFL team should ever go 0-16. It was a collaborative failure on all sides. How can you blame just one person?

Point No. 3 How do the Lions recover?


Defense, defense, defense! Do I need to draw a diagram here? The offense has some potential with Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith. They can use an offensive line, but focus on the defense. Somebody once said that defense wins championships. I don't know who the hell it was, but I agree.


Point No. 4 What about this Brett Favre character?


He retires, he has second thoughts, he wants to play, he goes to New York and actually plays for the Jets. I never understood why Favre would want to come back and play football. He had a perfect situation. What better way to go then to do so at the NFC Title game? Sure it was a loss, but he had a great season in 2007.

Point No. 5 Will Favre retire?


This is the end of the line for Favre. The magic is leaving him. If Favre were to come back for another season, he would not be putting up 22 touchdowns. He would certainly have more interceptions, as opposed to touchdown passes.

Point No. 6 When will the Cowboys learn?


They fell apart again, but this time it cost them a shot at the playoffs. Changes are definitely in store for this team because the chemistry isn't there. Their biggest issue is leadership. Nobody is standing out and being a leader on the Cowboys. Tony Romo just doesn't show signs of leadership.


Point No. 7 Matt Cassel did a good job


Given the loss of Tom Brady on opening weekend, Cassel played great. He carried the team. He shows signs of being a good quarterback in this league. Who knows if the Patriots will re-sign him


Point No. 8 The running game...


The running back combo trend continued during the 2008 season. We saw excellent combos. Chris Johnson and LenDale White in Tennessee did an excellent job. Johnson racked up the yards, while White racked up the touchdowns. Earth, Wind, and Fire, or Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward, and Ahmad Bradshaw also had another good season. In fact, Jacobs and Ward both ran for 1,000 yards.

Point No. 9 This is all about the regular season.


Yes, this is a random thoughts column, but only on the regular season. I do have a postseason column planned for later.