Why Broncos May Waffle if Head Coach Decision Is Josh McDaniels

Glenn CardSenior Analyst IJanuary 9, 2009

The Denver Broncos have wrapped up the first interviews in the search for their next Head Coach. Here’s the list and interview dates of the candidates.

Steve Spagnuolo - New York Giants defensive coordinator, Jan. 3 in New York

Josh McDaniels - New England offensive coordinator, Jan. 4 in Rhode Island

Raheem Morris - Tampa Bay defensive coordinator, Jan. 5 in Denver

Jason Garrett - Dallas offensive coordinator, Jan. 6 in Denver

Rick Dennison - Broncos offensive coordinator, Jan. 6 in Denver

Leslie Frazier - Minnesota defensive coordinator, Jan. 7 in Denver

Todd Bowles - Miami secondary/assistant head coach, Jan. 9 in Denver

The search and interview committee consists of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, chief operating officer Joe Ellis and the trio of football operations executives Jim Goodman, Brian Xanders and Jeff Goodman. This group will be whittling the field down for secondary interviews and expect to make their decision and announcement as early as next Monday.

New England’s own Josh McDaniels is expected to among those asked for a second interview. Rumor has it that if McDaniels is the top finalist, the job may still be given to the runner up. Apparently, due to his age and young appearance the committee will leave the final vote up to the teams' veteran players.

If this is true, it is my feeling that this sets a very bad precedence. By allowing the players a say in who will be the head coach, the Denver management will relinquish a great deal of their own responsibility and control of the direction and persona of the team in general.

You don’t let the Fox guard the chicken coop; you don’t let the patients run the asylum.

I understand that the head coach has to command respect as well as provide leadership. That is the reason you do the interviews and discuss the merits or flaws the candidates. If the man doesn’t fit your mold then you don’t expose the possibility that your own thinking is flawed by allowing the employees to say “No” to your choice.

When they fired Mike Shanahan one of the main reasons was that they felt a change was needed. By allowing the team to vote on who they feel they would best get along with they don’t allow true change to happen. The first inclination is to choose someone who is most like what you are comfortable with.

Josh McDaniels deserves more respect than that. If he is your man then stand behind that decision. Yes, you may tick some people off and some of those people may be on the team that you manage. They have the option of acting professionally or moving on.

The Denver management made the decision to go in this direction. Making a change for solely for change sake is not a policy. As management they fired a man for a reason, their replacement should reflect their ideal of where the team should be heading.