Who Should Be "Money in the Bank" for Wrestlemania XXV?

Daniel SumrallContributor IJanuary 9, 2009

With Wrestlemania coming up in a matter of months and some writers starting to make predictions and fantasy picks on championship matches, I decided to write on who I think would make a good Money in the Bank match at the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania.

They will probably have eight men again, but I'll list 10 because I couldn't narrow down to right and top 10 just sounds better.


Shelton Benjamin

He's already been in 3 of the 4 and in each one he has been phenomenal. He's sort of a gimme in this match.


Evan Bourne

He is supposed to return soon and with him being a high-flyer and a ladder match? C'mon.


John Morrison

He has experiences in ladder matches and he was there last year and pulled off an amazing move.


The Miz

If Morrison is in there, I don't really see WWE doing anything else with Miz on the show so...


The Brian Kendrick

Same thing as Bourne—high-flyer.


Mr. Kennedy

This is if he is back from injury by then. I feel if he is that he may win it since he has won before and didn't get to use it because of another injury.



Hopefully the losing streak is over and he puts on a show in this match.


Hurricane Helms

Does anyone else remember the ladder match in WCW, Starrcade 2000?


Kofi Kingston

He could definitely pull some awesome spots in this match.


Cody Rhodes

The only reason I think he is a possibility is his story line right now. It all depends on what happens with Legacy.


Now as far as who I believe would win if 8 of these 10 were in?? I've been commenting on other articles how, barring anymore injuries that, this would be Kennedy's year. But after reading some news that he is going to see Dr. Andrews in about two months to see if he is cleared, I'm not sure if he'll be ready by Mania.

And with reports that MVP's losing streak is about to end and with him going face, I'll have to go with MVP and what better way to really snap out of a losing streak than to win MITB and go on to a world title holder later in the year.