Chelsea: Is Roman Abramovich Insane? Simple Answer Is Yes! The Reasons Are...

Jay MardiaContributor IIMarch 4, 2012

A talented individual sacked!
A talented individual sacked!Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

The answer to the question above is a simple "Yes." Now we will explore the reasons.


1.  He claims he loves Chelsea, but he has spent the last five years ruining it. With six different managers (not counting one match—Ray Wilkins), Chelsea and especially Abramovich should be embarrassed at the lack of trust given to the man in charge.

To quote an example, the "In Arsene We Trust" banner that flies high at the Emirates isn't just for show. It has meaning, and has been a wonderful testament to the benefits of keeping faith, as demonstrated by the Gunners in the last four weeks.


2.  Andre Villas-Boas had amazing potential. There is no denying that. Despite the abysmal results this season, the redeeming factors are overwhelming. He had to play with a team built by somebody else. Not only that, he faced tension from seniors who he tried to cart out of the team. He was right in doing so, as not EVERY senior is an evergreen Ryan Giggs, is he?

Without being given a chance for even two years to complete a squad overhaul that should have been made a few years back, he was dumped unceromoniously by The Man At The Top. 


3. One can only presume that it was AVB's youth and thus longevity that was the reason for Abramovich to fork out the huge sum he did to acquire his services. But in eight months, Roman's mind seems to have forgotten all his reasons and rationale.

It seems to me that Abramovich has become trigger-happy and has forgotten that empires are built on strong foundations, not on millions of oil dollars being funnelled into the game every year!

As an ardent Chelsea fan, this is the first sacking at which I am actually angry and filled with an urge to vent my feelings. Up until now, all sackings (with the obvious exception of Jose Mourinho) have been well warranted, and despite AVB having the worst record of the lot, his contribution has been the most noteworthy, as he was the only one with the guts to shepherd the older players out the door. 


4. Financial madness. Chelsea had to spend in excess of £13 million to bring AVB to the Bridge. If one argues the case for Abramovich that he is running Chelsea like a business and should be given some leeway, then this figure is all I need to point out. One does not need to go to business schools to understand that if sums so huge are spent, then business sense (and common sense) would dictate that you keep faith in the investment. 

What with the Champions League Financial Fair Play coming in from next season, if Roman keeps spending like this, ACTUALLY QUALIFYING for the Europe might not be of any use. 

In other words, Abramovich is slowly but surely screwing Chelsea.



In my personal opinion, the thing I would absolutely love would be for Mourinho to come back. He had been house hunting, had he not? He is the one manager whom I would do anything for, and it would be a dream come true if he returns to SW6 and builds a Blue Empire! 

On another sidenote, the one person who's being touted as a potential replacement that I hate would be Rafael Benitez. He did no positive work at Liverpool during his tenure there. The club regressed and has only been partially salvaged by King Kenny. Benitez's Champions League victory is touted as a plus point for him, but the fact was that it was not really his squad at all—rather the team of the previous manager that won, which he subsequently went on to ruin. 


Also, amongst things about AVB that I will miss are his touchline antics. His peculiar squat, and the way he leapt up to head the ball just as his strikers on the pitch failed to do so are a few things that will be remembered at the Bridge.