Moores Axed

Tom OakeyContributor IJanuary 9, 2009

Hoooooray Peter Moores has finally been given the axe,lets be fair he did do some good things for england and alot of people have short memories,when appointed a way out of form Geriant Jones was axed and Matt Prior was given the nod and scored a superb century against an average to be polite West Indies team admittedly,but a great choice this was,it looked like we had a ruthless coach at the helm and with wins away in sri Lanka and at home against India in the ODIS it looked like we were improving but the test side had weakened and the are several reasons for this but the main one is Peter Moores has his favourites!

If you are NOT in form then why are you playing for your country? ian Bell gets to 20 so easily sometimes it looks silly but time and time again he gets out without going on to make a big score,yet regardless of his lack of runs he is still picked to go to the West Indies? Bell should of been dropped for the 2nd test recently and sent back to Warwickshire to score alot of runs and get some confidence and then before the Ashes have a look to see wether he warrents a place in the england set-up,players need to be pushed for places.

There is too much of a comfort zone at the moment,picking players on what they can do instead of there form is totally wrong in my opinion,which brings me to Steve Harmison,where do i start? how many chances he has had i cant count its got beyond a joke,a brilliant tour to the carribean in 2004,yes thats right 5 YEARS ago,and hes still in the team because of that,when he gets his rhythm correct he is a fantastic bowler and unplayable,how often does this happen? 2 tests a year? you cant afford to carry players and James Anderson is as bad,1 good test then 3 bad 1s,so what do we do when Harmison and Anderson cant get the breakthrough? Freddie Flintoff is tossed the ball and 90% of the time is spot on with his line and length and because he is and the other 2 quickies are wayward he is way over used,s we have to hide Harmison and Anderson

Going back to my point about favourites what ever  happened to the ever reliable hoggard,was arguably englands best bowler for 5 years and all of a sudden was tossed aside when having an average test against the mighty kiwis,what does he have to do to get back into the team? Hoggard should of been playing in those 2 years Moores was in charge and he would still of had his job!