Is This the Year Mistico Goes to the WWE?

Yair GalavizCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2009

For a few years now, there has been huge rumors that Mistico will be heading for the WWE. It seems this is closer to reality in 2009.

Over the past two years, Mistico has been close to signing with the WWE, but a number of different "issues" got in the way.

It could be that CMLL did not want to lose its biggest draw so they gave him more money. Or, maybe, the fact that Televisa, the biggest empire in television in Latin America, had intentions of using him on talk shows and Soap Operas. 

That, along with injuries, kept him quite busy from 2007-2008. But just last week, Mistico was at the All Japan show in Tokyo, along with TNA stars...and he LOVED it.

In an interview a few days ago in Diario Record, Mistico's goal for this year is simple: Going to the big leagues. He wants to sign with the WWE.

It probably has to do with how big of an impact the WWE has had in Mexico. The broadcast in Mexico has been a success. It also helps that both major TV networks provide "weekly results" on the major sports programs.

Kayfabe is still huge in Mexico, so you see results of wrestling matches in newspapers and TV. There usually are two to four page spreads after a WWE PPV on the biggest sports newspaper in Mexico giving results.

Whatever the reason, this time Mistico is looking for the WWE. So, Vince might start to pay attention.  

I don't know if Dos Caras Jr. has signed or not with WWE. Per the Mexican media, he has. Can Mistico be next in line?

If it happens, one can only dream. Put Mistico, Dos Caras Jr, and Evan Bourne in a stable with Rey Mysterio as the leader and mouthpiece and you got FANTASTIC television. The possibilities are endless.

Only time will tell.