Mets Police's "Hall of Garvey" Nominees

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As the blogosphere zeroes in on everyone's faux Hall of Fame ballots, I've decided to repost mine along with nominees for the Hall of Garvey.
What's the Hall of Garvey?  It's that special place for the very good baseball player. The player you wish you had on your team. The guy that was a winner.  The guy who just doesn't have the stats to stand with Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, and Pete Rose (we'll get into that on a slow day).
The Hall of Garvey is the home of such "very good" players as Don Mattingly, Keith Hernandez, and of course, Steve Garvey.

Rickey Henderson: Fame. You know a HOFer when you see one. Memo to Rickey: Wear an A's hat.
Jim Rice: Garvey.  He belongs in the Hall of Garvey (which I invented to give a home to the likes of Rice, Garvey, Mattingly, and Hernandez).
Tommy John: Fame.  288 wins. Randy Johnson might be the final guy to get to this number.  Plus, Rickey is a knucklehead and doesn't deserve to have the day to himself.
Dave Concepcion: Neither.
Bert Blyleven: Garvey.  287 wins.  How do I put John in and not Blyleven? I know a HOFer when I see one, and he wasn't. Off to the Hall of Garvey.
Andre Dawson, Harold Baines, Don Mattingly.  No fame for you.
Dave Parker, Alan Trammell, Lee Smith.  No. Did you ever go to a game and get excited about Lee Smith? No fame for you. Parker might make the HOG some day.
Jack Morris: Fame. I know one when I see one.  
Mark McGwire: Fame. When you prove to me he cheated, and you change the record book, then you can send him to Pete Rose Island. Until then, I will show you Jack Buck-voiced highlights.
Pete Rose: FAME.  All-time hits leader and a winner.
Dale Murphy.  A lock for the Hall of Garvey.  You kids should look up his MVP numbers some day. Manny Ramirez has them beat by the fourth inning on June 1st.
Who would you put in the Hall of Garvey?

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