Chelsea FC: 6 Players Who Want Andre Villas-Boas Fired

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentMarch 3, 2012

Chelsea FC: 6 Players Who Want Andre Villas-Boas Fired

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    André Villas-Boas has admitted that some players are unhappy and will not re-sign even if Chelsea go trophy-less this season. 

    The elephant in the room is Villas-Boas because he is the cause of the unhappiness. 

    Here are six Chelsea players who want Villas-Boas fired. 

Fernando Torres

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    André Villas-Boas would rather start Didier Drogba, whose contract expires at the end of the season, than motivate Torres to perform like a £50 million valued forward. 

    Chelsea paid £13.3 million just to sign Villas-Boas, but the Portuguese manager has failed to recognize that Juan Mata is the key to Torres re-capturing remnants of his old self. 

    Mata needs to play behind Torres, but Villas-Boas is insistent on starting No. 10 out wide and letting him cut in and not track the opposing full-back. 

    What tactical sense does that make? Villas-Boas may as well start Mata from a central position and do away with the wide forwards. 

    The Portuguese manager has also failed to address Daniel Sturridge's unwillingness to play a supporting role. 

    The Englishman has taken 64 shots from a wide position compared to Torres' 45 shots as the centre forward. 

Ryan Bertrand

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    José "I can't defend" Bosingwa starting three games as a left-back is enough of a reason for Ryan Bertrand to want André Villas-Boas fired. 

    No one is saying Bertrand will become a world class left-back (he might), but one can safely assume that he'd fare better than Bosingwa. 

    Bertrand was excluded from the UEFA Champions League squad, which makes no sense whatsoever because there was no backup left-back. 

John Obi Mikel

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    John Obi Mikel has been frozen out of André Villas-Boas' plans since that mistake against Liverpool

    What crushes Mikel is the fact he has sacrificed his statistics and he's naturally an attacking midfielder, not a holding midfielder. 

    What people might not know is that he completes 77.5 percent of long passes, so in a way, he's a poor man's Andrea Pirlo. 

    What further dents Mikel's morale is Raul Meireles, who has been sub-par, consistently starting games. 

Romelu Lukaku

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    André Villas-Boas again proves his managerial mediocrity by hindering Romelu Lukaku's development. 

    How is it that a physical phenom like Lukaku is not being utilized off the bench in every game? 

    Why was he excluded from the UEFA Champions League squad? 

    Like with Kevin De Bruyne, it was not Villas-Boas' decision to buy Lukaku, hence why the Belgian has not been given a fair run. 

Ashley Cole

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    André Villas-Boas lost the plot when he started José Bosingwa over Ashley Cole against Napoli.

    Cole reportedly told Villas-Boas, "I came here to win medals and trophies, but I'm never going to do that with your tactics."

Frank Lampard

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    André Villas-Boas made a massive mistake when he attempted to push Frank Lampard out of the club.  

    After being subbed off against Manchester United, Lampard scored four goals and provided two assists in his next five games. Yet, Lampard didn't start against Manchester City or Napoli. 

    Lampard said his relationship with Villas-Boas has "not been ideal."

    Here is David Luiz's opinion of Lampard: "He must stick to listening to the boss' orders and accept them. No player can forget he's just an employee."

    If you read between the lines of Luiz's quote, it appears that Lampard does not respect Villas-Boas' managerial prowess and why would he? 

    The Chelsea legend knows he'll outlast Villas-Boas because the Portuguese manager may as well start looking for a new job. 


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