Back For Transfer Time: Arsenal Players Talk Crap & We Can't Fill the Stadium

kenny smithContributor IJanuary 9, 2009

I have managed to shrug off the disappointments of our poor season so far to motivate myself to resume writing about Arsenal.

I could continue as to why I have been away for so long but it will just add pointless information to this article so there is no point in wasting your time.

I could not fit everything I wanted to talk about into the headline, so beware this may end up a lengthy piece (don't laugh that's not meant to be dirty!!!).

First up is the long awaited January transfer window.

How I have missed this! A whole month of speculation about our players' futures and about which two thousand players we are supposed to be signing.

Only one out of those two thousand has emerged and its Andrei Arshavin.

Now lets be realistic. You can not have a name like Arshavin and not be playing for Arsenal! We have confirmed that we are in talks with him and it seems like the hold up is Zenit St. Petersberg's asking price which is £20 million.

We all know Arsene Wenger will not spend that on a player so this is where our new Chief Executive, Ivan Gazidis comes in. I can not see Arsenal paying a penny more than £15m for him so lets hope we can get the price down.

Wenger has confirmed that no one will be leaving the club in this window, thank God for that. But what about William Gallas and Kolo Toure???

You have all herd the speculation surrounding these two of late but its a case of too many people talking too much crap, which almost everyone seems to be doing right now...even our own players! 

It seems that the transfer window brings out the worst in everyone. The following is a list of Arsenal players who have been speculated on recently and also players who have been running their mouths and obviously not thinking before they do it—and explanations as to why I think they should just keep silent. 

Manuel Almunia—Has come out and said that Arsenal are no longer afraid of high balls and that we can deal with them. Think before you speak Manuel old son, just look what Robbie Keane did to us a couple weeks ago.

Emmanuel Adebayor—Has publicly backed William Gallas's outrageous outburst about lack of fight in the team and says that Gallas is like his big brother and does not want Arsenal to sell him.

Just as everyone has got over what Gallas has said and its all calmed down and the team looks like it has got some confidence back he goes and brings up the subject again. Nice one Ade!!!

You can not be that desperate to keep playing with him as you almost sleezed your way to Barcelona in the summer. If it wasn't for Arsene slapping a £30million price tag on your head you would be there just now.

William is a good defender, he just makes a howler every now and then but no matter how much you like him he can't keep his mouth shut just like you. I can see why you two are like brothers!

Kolo Toure—Handed in a transfer request and then promptly withdrew it once it had been rejected. Kolo has fallen out with William Gallas and to be fair I don't blame him.

He has been less than great this season but I think that is partly down to Gallas. Kolo hates playing with him and cannot perform playing alongside him. What you have to remember is Kolo is Arsenal through and through and has given a lot more for the club than William has.

Kolo needs to get his head down and work on his game. I am not saying he is perfect but he is obviously unhappy here now and that shows in his game. Its not a witch hunt to get rid of Gallas, but get rid of Gallas and I think you will see Kolo, with some hard training, return to his best.

Onto the stadium.

Arsenal ticket prices are horrendously expensive. Recently there have been gaps appearing at the Emirates. I think people are getting tired of paying so much money to watch mediocre football this season and with the economic crisis people are generally in a bad mood and don't want to watch their team concede really soft goals and throw away two goal leads.

We need a new tall centre back, a quality defensive midfielder and Andrei Arshavin, then we could compete for the title. The way things are just now we do not have a chance. This should be very concerning for the board as if the fans start disappearing then their won't be any money to pay back the debt of the stadium.

Our defense is what we need to improve on. We need Arshavin because we have so many attacking midfielders out injured but a defensive midfielder and centre back is where we really need to address.

I know Arsene will not address these problems but I can hope and any other business in areas other than the areas I have just highlighted is bad business.

And so is doing nothing!


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