The New York Mets in 2009: What Must Be Done

Richard MarshSenior Analyst IJanuary 9, 2009

I always believed that the best part of the Hot Stove League took place one month before the start of Spring Training. In the past almost all the free agents were gobbled up and teams began to fill in the very pieces that could turn them into contenders rather than pretenders.

This offseason has been no different. C.C. Tex, A.J. cost the Yankees nearly a half a billion dollars just to make up nine games on the Rays, while Boston always successful in their reclamation projects are definitely on the move.

The acquistion of Smoltz and Baldelli is nothing short of brilliant on paper at least and that race with an improving Orioles and Blue Jays could have five teams all above .500.

Now on to my Mets.

First off, as already mentioned in a previous article I just read, Why not Andy Pettitte? I absolutely agree. Why not. Let's look at the worst-case scenario. The Braves have produced a nightmare for their fans. Even Chipper was very vocal and upset about the Smoltz affair.

They very well may have to sign Lowe at his price because they can. They are $40 million under last year's payroll.

Perez will wind up with the Yankees or the Dodgers simply because Boras gets his players what they want. The Yankees will swoop in and get Manny as well. That was part of the Teixeira signing in that before he signs with any other team Boras will give the Yankees the last shot.

So then the Met's need two starters. Randy Wolf seems obvious. The left-hander would love to beat up on his old team who quit on him. Then, who would you rather have as the No. 5? Garland, Redding, Pettitte or Pedro? To me, it's a no-brainer.

The Met's have made some great moves in this offseason, but if this is the end of the deals, then if the Phillies play up to the level they have in the last two years, I still think we may be hard pressed to put them away by September.

Are you satisfied with the tandem in left? Sorry, I'm not. Opportunities were there for us to get Bradley, Burrell, Ibanez, and yes Manny, but it doesn't look like that will happen.

We are hoping that Ryan Church can bounce back to his first half of 2008. We could have done that slowly by platooning him in right with Tatis while going after a power hitting right handed bat in left.

We need to take a shot with Cordero. When right, he can be devastating. Pedro should definitely be given the shot at redemption that he most certainly deserves.

I have been saying all winter long that the Mets need to stop acting like a small market team, take some chances, act like the Red Sox, and get off the stick.

As someone has commented, this is Omar's team and a fourth, yes, that's right, a fourth similar finish for this team will send it fans into a frenzy, especially if we have to wear Phillies gear as what was promised in the Phillies/Mets challenge I put out last month.

Come on Omar, time is running out.