FIFA President Blatter: "I Would Die" If Goal-Line Technology Not Used

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FIFA President Blatter:
FIFA President Sepp Blatter is now in favor of game-changing goal-line technology.

President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter told the International Football Association Board Friday that new goal-line technology needed to be implemented soon.

In a rather candid choice of words, Blatter said, "Platini doesn't want it but I wouldn't be again in a World Cup and witness another situation like that—I would die."

UEFA President Michel Platini has been opposed to the idea of goal-line technology from the start.  Blatter did feel the same way until the World Cup in South Africa, which saw a Frank Lampard goal incorrectly disallowed for England against Germany.

After fielding a lot of criticism since then, Blatter has pulled an about-face in his position on the issue.

"We don't want a repeat of the last World Cup.  I think I can convince the IFAB board that we must go forward with technology, we cannot afford to just wait and see what happens."

The IFAB will review results of the reports on Saturday, then have a third-party review them before formally making a decision about it on July 2.

If the IFAB decides to approve the technology at the July 2 meetings, Blatter will attempt to have the technology rolled out for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The IFAB, which actually formed 18 years before FIFA in 1886, is the game's ultimate authority on rules.  The goal-line technology will need a three-fourths majority vote to become a new rule.

Reports from both and contributed to this article.

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