Top Five Free Agents TNA Must Sign to Survive

Daris BrownSenior Analyst IJanuary 9, 2009

If TNA wants to succeed, they have to distinguish themselves from the WWE. Their wrestlers have a different style, their brand has a different attitude. TNA must be different.

With that being said, in addition to continue to develop the outstanding talent that already exist on their roster, TNA must acquire some key free agents.

Bobby Lashley

Yeah, Bobby's main focus is MMA now, but he's openly said that he would like to continue wrestling. TNA has a light schedule as it is, at least compared to the WWE, and is a natural fit for the former ECW Heavyweight Champion.

I know, I said they need to distinguish themselves from the WWE but you can bring in top tier talent without being WWE-lite. It all lies within the creative and how you do it.

A MMA style match with Angle would be money. And after trading a few losses he can switch gears and go after Joe. The opportunities are endless.

Rob Van Dam

This is the biggest free agent on the market today. He doesn't want  a lot of time on the road and he's committed to being by his wife's side. Perfect for TNA.

TNA is the perfect place for RVD to flourish. AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Pete Williams, Black Machismo, and more could all have five star matches with Mr. PPV.

Plus, this gives adds another big name to the company, and one who's willing to work his butt off, and willing to put the company on his back during the time Kurt Angle takes off to shoot his movies.

Rey Mysterio

Yes, he is still employed by the WWE, which is why TNA has to act fast. They have cap money to spare, now that Christian looks to be WWE bound.

Rey has balked on the WWE's long term contract and has reportedly been eager to get into an upcoming WWE Films project.

Dixie Carter has been all about getting TNA stars in movies to add awareness for their organization. This would be a perfect fit.

Best of all, Rey could once again give the X-Division and its title meaning. And after he's boosted the belt with a year or so reign, throw him into the world title picture for his reward.

Tito Ortiz

He's already been to TNA as a guest referee on multiple occasions so he's familiar with the company. And the Huntington Beach Bad Boy's career is winding down (although he does have several fights left in him).

Sign him now; he's heeling from back surgery but can still work the mic, and he can continue to work in between fights.

Tito is the king of controversy and his signing alone will draw a huge media frenzy, not to mention new fans. Frank Trigg's time has been forgettable, but Tito would make a lasting impact.


If you haven't heard of Mistico you're in for a treat. Mistico was born and raised in Mexico where he is CMLL's biggest draw.

He was in talks with WWE back in 2006 but had to withdrawal due to previous commitments. And even though Rey Mysterio tried to get him to sign with the WWE last year, he reportedly tried to get signed with TNA.

TNA must sign him no matter how hard it may be. He was PWI's No. 3 wrestler in 2007, and was Wrestling Observers Top Box Office Draw in 2006. He's also only 26.

The only draw backs is he's fully committed to working in Mexico...but that could be a plus for TNA as they are looking to expand internationally.