"Cross The Line" and Actually Finish a Fued

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By now we all know TNA doesn't end anything well. Every fued, every angle, every match ends with some kind of interference. I can not remember an end to any fued they've done beside the Lethal v. Dutt fued which ended with Val choosing Sonjay. TNA claims they want to be an A rate show but they push out D rate endings to good concepts. Jeff Jarrett knows personally that Vince Russo is trash...He witnessed it first hand (or maybe not cause Russo kept putting the strap on the Chosen 1) but as a promoter your priorities have to lay with your fans.

I'm a wrestling fan of the old days and to me when you have a great angle like this MEM vs Frontline which in my oponion started out great....then.....it fell off...someone had commented on BR already that frontline consists of  907 superstar lead by Rhino...(I thought Styles was the mainstay in the group..that who Sting had the beef with)...where theM.E.M has 6 members led by Angle who doesnt even hold the strap... Granted this has all the smells of a Vince Russo classic but its not going to finish well...

TNA's creative team has taken the limelight off the titles and put it on Kurt Angle...and hi soley....

My question is when will TNA finish well...When is the last time any of you have seen a TNA PPV mainevent with a solid clean ending that should end the fued by on the next Impact they were still pushing it....

TNA timing is everything...TNA you new motto should Be TNA: Angle and Joe.. for 2 years in a row.....how bout they take their own advice and Cross the line and end a angle properly....



I'm sorry there is one fued that was ended properly Kong vs. Kim, Kong vs. Wilde, Beatuiful People vs. Wilde (Kim and ODB Roxxi) see my point......


TNA: Cross Your Own Line

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