WWE News: Latest on the WWE Network Not Being Picked Up by TV Providers

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2012

With the debut of the WWE Network pushed back until November after originally planned for April 1, the channel has been dealt another heavy blow as it continues to try to get off the ground this year.

From Wrestling News Source via the New York Post:

Sources from The New York Post say that the WWE Network has "failed to agree a single deal with a cable or satellite provider for it's own cable channel". Whilst the original plan was to launch by April 1st, on the same day as Wrestlemania, the network has pushed back it's launch date until November. The source also mentions that WWE have "struggled" to sell the Network with the shows it intends to broadcast.

I’m not surprised the WWE Network didn’t get any cable or satellite providers to broadcast their channel with the weak lineup that has been previewed over the past few months.

If the WWE wants to get their channel on television this year, the company needs to have something more than their Legend’s House reality show. They need to have some type of live programming on the network.

While the SyFy channel probably won’t be for this decision, the WWE should develop a new third live television show outside of Superstars and NXT for the network as an incentive for the providers to pick it up this year.

In addition to a new live show for the channel, the current minor pay-per-views should be officially moved to the channel while the current "Big Four" events remain on the standard PPV setup for fans without the network.

Unless the WWE does something in the very near future, the WWE Network might be a major failure for the company before its channel even gets off the ground.  

So, Bleachers, do you think the WWE Network will be able to go on the air in 2012 or will it be another failure for Vince McMahon and the WWE?

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