My Fun and Fascinating Fact of the BCS Championship Game

Jennifer TaglioneCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2009


The fun, fascinating and downright weird fact of the game:

I knew this whole BCS system would come back and bite someone in the tushy sooner or later. The teams for the BCS Championship Game are handpicked according to stats and rankings that are interpreted by a panel.

What have I said about stats? They just muddle things up!

Even in college basketball the rankings can be highly disputed but at least the teams all fight it out for the playoff game. In college football, the panel says “hmmm, we think Florida and Oklahoma are the two best teams this year.” And then Florida and Oklahoma get to be in the big game.

And I’m sure Florida and Oklahoma were thrilled. Utah, USC and Texas, however, were not.

All three of them believe they were the No. 1 team this season and should have had their chance to prove it in the championship game. Personally I think they are all a bunch of whinners (whinners not winners). Except maybe Utah. They were undefeated during the season unlike the teams that were in the championship game.

I think I heard on the radio tonight that Utah is considering suing over this. First, who on earth would you even sue? The entire BCS selection committee? Or all of the Gator Nation that totally disagrees and thinks they are justifiably No. 1.

And second, are you serious? Get over it you freaking crybabies.

Next you are going to see Phil Jackson, Kobe, and the Lakers suing the Celtics because they had six games to beat them and didn’t.

Ooh actually, I’d like the Rays to sue the Phillies. Blame them for the whole rain delay thing and say they really should be the World Series Champs!