Wwe Recycled Wrestling

dav brenContributor IJanuary 9, 2009

  Does anyone think this weeks smackdown was a rehash of no mercy 2007 HHH competeing three times but loosing in a last man standing match in the third fight. I started watching wrestling in 1990 and have watched the major events before then and i have suffered from deja vu a number of times.  Maybe there is one writer who keeps having heavy nights and handing in old work to the office, maybe they think we wont notice or maybe they have just simply ran out of ideas. The next pay-per-view is the 2009 royal rumble will we see something fresh or a rehash of ideas much like the film industry this year ( Haloween, friday the 13th, wicker man)

royal rumble 90 started with a great idea number one and two were a tag team demolition, in fact the idea of having a tag team start was so great they did it again in 94 with the steiners and again in 2001 with the hardys Another idea they like to use is two big stars in the ring like kane and undertaker and comic relief will come down next like scotty 2 hotty. This happened in 2001 it was actually funny it went down so well they did it again in 2002 using HHH and Austin with the comic character being Hurricane helms. They also enjoy clearing the ring as the big two go one on one, Warrior and Hogan, HHH and Austin, Piper and Flair although i must admit they have been some of the most enjoyable moments in the rumble ever

The rumbles are the only thing the gets recycled storylines, anything to do with the Undertaker can often be recycled. At Summerslam 94 the Undertaker faced himself, two years ago Kane got the same treatment and had to face the imposter Kane

in Royal rumble 93 the Giant Gonzalez came down to attack undertaker and destroyed him but by the time Summerslam came round The Undertaker had beaten him twice and he had turned face into a gentle giant. Fast forward to 2006 another giant this time called great khali came to smackdown and destroyed the Undertaker, only for mere weeks later The Undertaker beat him twice and guess what the giant has turned face.

You know we always get re-cycled matches but not on big occasions, wresltemania 6 main event was also the main event at wresltemania 18, they replaced warrior with rock of course but even held it at the same building, with the same ending

A number of characters have also been recycled, Papa Shango is Boogeyman, million dollar man is JBL, Hogan is Lex  'exress' lugar, Kane is The Undertaker, there are two Undertakers and two Kanes and MVP is currently on the same losing streak as Christian in 2005

so i predict the royal rumble will start with morrison and the miz, micheals will enter at number 3, HHH and micheals will be left in alone at one point until hurricane comes out next, MVP will not win, oh and some massive giant will come down and attack the undertaker or Kane or one of there doubles