Glasgow Rangers Football Club: Lest We Forget

RangersMedia .co.ukCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2009

Written by D'Artagnan
Friday, 09 January 2009

All this week the BBC are showing a drama over several days depicting the short and tragic life of Anne Frank the young girl who wrote of her experiences as a young Jewish girl hiding from the Nazis.

Despite the generational differences it is thought that this young girl’s experiences, her writings and memories, her desire for the re-instatement of peace and justice, of being part of a people who are hated, her longing for the return of the human rights which had been taken from her, will be a lesson for a generation of youngsters who take such rights for granted.

Sadly Anne Frank never lived to see the re-instatement of those human rights, she was captured and died of hunger and typhus in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Her story should remind us all how easy it is through lies, propaganda and manipulation of the media to incite hatred for a particular group of people.

Those human rights we all take for granted, were re-instated by the courageous young soldiers of Britain and her allies, who through their bravery and sacrifice, removed the curse of Nazism from Europe and the world. Good had eventually triumphed over evil , truth, freedom and justice were once again set free to flourish. Those young men are rightly remembered every November, not only in this country, but all over an eternally grateful world.

But is this enough?

Does it not seem hollow to on one hand bow our heads in a respectful two minutes silence, only to return to our normal lives where the very dear and cherished concepts those young men gave their lives up for are in danger?

At this point, let me say this quite unequivocally, I am not in any way comparing the present sufferings of the Rangers support to that experienced by the Jews during the holocaust.

What we have experienced however, is how lies, propaganda and media manipulation can be used to great effect against us. The catalogue of lies printed or spoken about out club in recent times could literally fill a book. It was with good cause that Lenin said “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”. Many years ago a thread on FF conveyed that very sentiment, “Chip....chip...chip” a continual drip feeding of lies to an often uninformed public has had the desired effect.

When we object to the indecent description of being labelled “huns” we are being “pedantic”. I remember a few years ago BBC radio presenter Lesley Riddoch being incensed for having to issue an apology for use of the term on her radio show.

Perhaps she thought it was her divine right to be offensive to Rangers supporters...after all they are the dregs of society, or so the media would have everyone believe. Riddoch’s employers, BBC Scotland, have however, allowed that term to be used by their broadcasters since then despite being aware of the offence it causes. Let’s not forget—it's only Rangers fans we are talking about here.

Anna Smith told her readers that amongst other things "Rangers are now reaping the whirlwind of hate that was nurtured by themselves" as well as “Rangers Football Club have fostered bigotry for generations” and the ace in the pack...”Rangers cultivated sectarianism”.

Throw in some more false stories about our groundsmen...our chefs...the persecution of Donald Findlay and you start to get a flavour of where this going.

Add to the mix Rangers supporters being jailed at Parkhead for “sectarian singing”...and as they were led away away they were reminded of how Alex McLeish was a “Sad Orange Bastard”.

And if you are struggling to find anything to castigate the Rangers support...why not make up some lie about the Bouncy being sectarian.


Ladies and Gentlemen...Truth, justice, freedom of expression, equality and parity have now left the building. Would the last Bear leaving please turn off the lights.

No, we wont.

Not now, not tomorrow. Not ever.

We should take our very inspiration from those courageous young men who left this country of ours a legacy. Who despite the carnage which was Dunkirk, managed to re-group and armed with a sense of pride in who they were and what they were fighting for, defied the odds to see truth, justice and freedom prevail.

That legacy should never be allowed to wane. Not only with regard to our football club, but within every section of our society. The two often go hand in hand, after all, and lets never forget this, We Are The People. No amount of lies or journos with anti-Rangers agendas will ever take that away from us.

Let us cling to the belief that the truth will prevail. There may not be the appropriate leadership coming from within Ibrox, but let us never forget it was not powerful destroyers or warships which rescued the British forces from Dunkirk but a flotilla of small ships commanded by ordinary people.

Every letter, e-mail, protest, is a small but significant act of defiance. What matters is that we keep the moral conscience of a nation alive even when it appears almost extinct. We will ensure that a legacy left by heroes is not usurped by cowards and liars hiding behind newspaper columns.

“That is the story of the Rangers. They have had good times and bad times, critical times and times of exultation. No club with the same modest origin can claim so distinguished a record of achievement. They were not born in the lap of luxury. They have been the architects of their own fortune, and, simply because of that, they have become equipped with the moral resistive force to grapple with adversity, which is better than being coddled in the cradle and whining when the wind blows cold. May all who look upon the old club with a friendly eye stand prepared, by precept and example, to protect its interests and its good name."
(John Allan)

Lest we forget.


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