WWE: Battle of the Promos Taker, HHH, HBK, CM Punk, Jericho, Cena and Rock

John KindelanAnalyst IIIMarch 1, 2012

The WWE has turned the dial up to 11.

It hasn't been because of outstanding matches these past two weeks—not that there hasn't been a lack of those—it's just that they've been outshined by the battle of words going on between the ropes.

Undertaker vs. Triple H

The two war horses who kept us guessing if the match would even happen and if it was going to, the stipulations it would be under.

It's been set, Triple H has caved and is taking on the "Deadman" to put him down one more time, possibly for good.

The factor that put this match into play?

The question regarding who is better: Triple H or Shawn Michaels?

Monday, Shawn Michaels comes back to Raw, not to convince Triple H to face Taker, but most likely to say something in regards who is better.

Will this lead to Shawn inserting himself in the match somehow?

How would that work with Hell in a Cell?

Will he be the special guest referee?

How will that prove anything about who's better? 

Is there a chance that this becomes a triple threat match and Shawn comes back for one more shot?

So many questions that will be hopefully covered slightly this Monday.

Is it possible to make this match any more epic without wrapping the Hell in a Cell in bacon?

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

The battle of the Best in the World has more on the line than the WWE Championship.

While Jericho stated that he came back for his title, I'm not so sure it's the one he wears around his waist.

It's more likely for the crown of being the best on the mic and best in the world.

I'm looking forward to this match to top Jericho's match against HBK at WrestleMania and, most likely, it will steal the entire show.

Who will walk out the champion, and how long will this feud last?

There's no way this ends at WrestleMania.

We're in store for a good, long feud with these two, with constant battles both on the mic and in the ring.

John Cena vs. The Rock

Wristgate and the lingering thoughts of a possible Cena heel turn are on the minds of all WWE fans.

Cena seems to have a edge back to him, but will it be enough to get the Cena haters to turn?

Has his lack of a true foe been what's been keeping Cena at bay in his goody two-shoes mode?

Cena's style and Rock's style aren't all that different.

Both are entertaining, both are power wrestlers and both are leaders of their respective WWE generations.

Will the match be equal to Rock vs. Hogan?

No, it will far surpass that match.

While Rock-Hogan was a dream match for all wrestling fans, it wasn't technically the best it could be. We weren't seeing Hogan in his prime vs. Rock in his prime, and while Rock has been away from the ring for some time the man is excellent shape.

The buzz for WrestleMania this year is building each week, not because of gimmicks or unusual celebrities joining in the mix.

It's alive and causing us to get excited because it's promising great matches and each week we are getting true storyline build-ups once again.

Great job, WWE.